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That Magic Feeling

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Keep track of which letters you choose and once you have reached the end, simply click on one of the "Mostly..." links that shows which letter you picked the most - and, voila, there's the result. :)
Quiz #1
Which scene from "A Hard Day's Night" are you?
1. If you were to be described in one word, it would be...
A) Cheeky
B) Rebellious
C) Honest
D) Silly
E) Hilarious
F) Loud
2. You'd be likely to...
A) Retort great comebacks to elders.
B) Be under police surveillance.
C) Mistakenly walk into a wrong office.
D) Take a bath.
E) Answer the same old questions over and over.
F) Perform infront of a hysterical crowd.
3. Which of the following could be said by or of you?
A) "Hey mister! Can we have our ball back?!"
B) "Troublemaker!"
C) "I'd be quite prepared for that eventuality."
D) "Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the...".
E) "No, actually, we're just good friends."
F) "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!"
4. The reaction to you is...
A) "I fought the war for your sort."
B) "Come in, number seven, your time's up!"
C) "Well, at least he's polite."
D) "Torpedoed again, eh?"
E) "Arthur."
F) Hysteria.
5. Who's your favorite Beatle?
A) None of them... I fought the war for their sort.
B) Beatles? Never heard of them.
C) George.
D) John
E) Ringo
F) Paul

Mostly B's

Mostly C's

Mostly D's

Mostly E's

Mostly F's

Paul and Linda McCartney