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That Magic Feeling

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The Next Closest Thing?

Reviving the Sixties

Sixties revival

Who says the Sixties are over and can't be revived?
Look at fashion - the Sixties are experiencing a huge comeback. Sixties hairstyles - even Beatle haircuts - are "in" again.
The music hasn't ever really gone out of style.
So there's nothing wrong with not just loving The Beatles, but also showing off that love in off- and online!
Although this has been done on sooooo many Beatles fan sites out there, I sort of feel TMF needs one of these, as well.
Some suggestions... all in good humor, of course!
Show that you love the Beatles in real life...
- Decorate your bedroom/locker/office space/whatever with Beatles pictures or posters! There are lots of poster stores with affordable posters around. Alternatively, you could of course print pictures off from the internet. Let's face it, there are billions of gorgeous Beatles pictures at your ready.
- Get - or make yourself - Beatle bumper stickers!
- Plaster your binder/notebook/planner with Beatles pictures and/or quotes... lovely to look at. ;)
- If you'd like to wear the Beatles, why not buy or make (with iron-on paper) yourself some Beatles t-shirts?
- You could start squealing and screaming when you hear the Beatles on the radio or see them on TV... but people just may think you've lost your mind if you do.
- If you'd like to make a handbag or backpack a bit more Beatle-y, why not buy or make some Beatle buttons?
- Can you choose what you'd like as your licence plate? Try something Beatles-related.

- As mentioned above, Sixties fashion is still going strong... so go out and grab some of those great looking clothes!

- If you're a male and have always wanted a Beatle haircut, you're in luck these days... the newspaper said that look is very stylish again.

- Don't worry, for all us females there's hope, as well... because by way of hairstyles, we've plenty to choose from: Sixties-style bangs and long hair are "in", as are female versions of the Beatle haircuts (how those really look, I don't know) and the great Beatle favorite, Brigitte Bardot Sixties-style hair is very much a trend as well.
- When Beatles or solo Beatles things - CD's, DVD's, books, whatever - are released, make sure to get them on the day they come out... It might not quite be like the Sixties, when fans stood in line for hours on end and there was a mad dash to get their hands on the newest album immediately, but...
- If Paul or Ringo tour near you, be sure to get your hands on a concert ticket... it's well worth it, even if Paul's concerts are verrrry expensive.
More to come!
Show that you love the Beatles in cyberspace...
- Join fanlistings and cliques!
- You've joined fanlistings and cliques, but feel that there are some that could be made, but haven't been? Well, why not make one? Some ideas:
Songs... there are over 200 Beatles songs you can choose from to make a fanlisting for.
Movie characters... the Beatles themselves, or anyone else from one of their movies.
Events... e.g. the Ed Sullivan Show, the Shea Stadium concert, etc.
Songwriting... they wrote such brilliant songs, these could do with a fanlisting of their own.
- Make a Beatles fansite!
- Or, add a Beatles section to your personal site.
- If you have an online journal, make a Beatles avatar for it! Or, find one, and credit the maker.
- Make yourself a Beatles-related e-mail address!
- Add a Beatles quote, for example, to your e-mail signature or on any online forums.
More to come!