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That Magic Feeling

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"Is it... habit-forming?"

"No, as long as you don't swallow it."

*Is it...habit-forming?*

You may have noticed that The Beatles can be a little addictive. ;) Once you become a Beatlemaniac, there's no turning back, it seems. You become emersed in all things Beatles, all the time...
Hence the title of this part, taken from the film "Help!".
Let's look at some more of the addictiveness that is The Beatles. ;)
P a r t  O n e
You too may be a Beatlemaniac

Are YOU a Beatlemaniac? This epidemic has been recognized among the human species since the year 1963 (although evidence suggests it may have been as early as 1960) and is still rapidly spreading from generation to generation across the globe. You too may be affected. Here are some symptoms.

~ Spontaneously bursting into Beatles songs, no matter where you happen to be.

~ Finding a Beatles song to fit every occasion.

~ Since you weren't part of Beatlemania in the Sixties, you wish you could be able to travel back in time specifically because of The Beatles.

~ Automatically singing along in a Liverpool accent with Beatles songs (and you're not from Liverpool).

~ Owning Beatles t-shirts, sweatshirts and other apparel.

~ Connecting EVERYTHING under the sun with The Beatles.

~ License plates containing the letters JL, GH, PM, RS etc. remind you of them.

~ Your e-mail address is a Beatles song or contains a Beatles reference.

~ While listening to "I Should Have Known Better" on a train, you have the urge to sing along (after all, its that way in "A Hard Days Night").

~ You know the dialogues of the every Beatles movie.

~ You've memorized some of their best one-liners.

~ You have a website dedicated to "The Fabs".

~ You have every Beatles album on CD (or better yet, on vinyl!)

~ You find yourself using Beatle slang ("fab", "gear" and the like) or speaking in a semi-Liverpool accent without even blinking an eye.

~ You collect ANYTHING Beatley.

~ You've got Beatles scrapbooks, containing newspaper and magazine clippings.

~ If you've seen a Beatle live, you've naturally kept the concert ticket, as well as a tour program, t-shirt, poster and whatever else you purchased there... plus, you took along your camera and snapped away at the ant-sized figure on the stage miles away from you.

~ Your room is decorated in a Beatley fashion, complete with numerous posters and other memorabilia.

~ You own all five of The Beatles official movies on VHS/DVD.

~ When someone can't think of a present for your birthday, Christmas or any other such occasion, all they have to do is get you something Beatley and you'll be satisfied!

~ You own "The Beatles Christmas Records".

~ You dream about The Beatles.

~ You go through withdrawal if you don't get your daily dose of Beatles (or solo Beatles) music.

~ You've been to - or are planning on going to - Liverpool, London and Hamburg.

~ You've considered applying to the University of Liverpool.

~ Your idea of a dream job is working at "The Beatles Story" exhibition/museum in Liverpool. Nothing but Beatles music and Beatles stuff all day long!

~ You've seen one or more of the Beatles live in concert.

~ You own all 8 Anthology videos, all 3 Anthology albums and the Anthology book.

If you are experiencing one or more of the above symptoms, you are a Beatlemaniac. It's nothing to be ashamed of - be proud of it! You have exceptional taste. :)