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That Magic Feeling

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The One and Only...

The One and Only... Ringo!

Itīs time to celebrate an underappreciated and underrated member of The Beatles! Because, frankly, he is just as important as any Beatle... and, what would The Beatles have been without him?

So, here is a small nod (with the potential to be added to) to the one and only... Ringo!

Surely, everyone knows all the biographical details, so those shall be omitted here... instead, That Magic Feeling is starting this off with a number of quotes, all by, and in some cases, about, Ringo.


Q: Beethoven figures in one of your songs. What do you think of Beethoven?
Ringo: Heīs great. Especially his poetry.

Q: How tall are you?
Ringo: Two feet, nine inches.

Q: How come The Beatles, rather than 200 other groups, clicked?
Ringo: Sometimes I try to figure that out too.

(A well-known one from "A Hard Dayīs Night")
Q: Are you a mod or a rocker?
Ringo: Um, no, Iīm a mocker.

Yeah, it was incredible. The drugs, the sex, the all-night parties. I really miss that Shining Time Station. – Ringo

The Japanese have a dedication to time. They would like us to leave the room at 7:14, get to the elevator by 7:15 and a half, and the elevator took one minute eight seconds to get us down to the car, and so on.... But when they knocked on the door, we would never come out. Weīd totally wreck their timings, and weīd see all these guys going absolutely barmy because we hadnīt walked down the corridor at 7:14 and a third! – Ringo

(About the break up of The Beatles)
It was like the wind-down to a divorce. A divorce usually doesnīt just happen suddenly; there ae months and years of misery.…” – Ringo

In 1966 the road was getting pretty boring and it was also coming to an end for me.... First and foremost, we were musicians: singers, writers, performers. Where we ended up on a huge crazy pedestal was not really in my plan. My plan was to keep playing great music. – Ringo

Q: Do you like topless bathing suits?
Ringo: Weīve been wearing them for years.

Q: How about you other guys, how do you feel about Ringo being nominated for president?
John: We think he should win. Definitely in favor.
George: Yes.
Q: Would you make them part of your cabinet?
Ringo: Iīd have to, wouldnīt I?
George: I could be the door.
Ringo: Iīd have George as treasurer.
John: I could be the cupboard.
Ringo: George looks after the money.

Q: Ringo, why do you get the most fan mail?
Ringo: I donīt know. Perhaps itīs because more people write me.

(About the plan to buy a Greek island)
That was what happened when we got out. It was safer making records because once they let us out weīd just go barmy. – Ringo

(About the Queen asking them how long they had been a band at the MBE ceremony)
...and without the blink of an eye, Paul and I said, `Weīve been together now for forty years and it donīt seem a day too much.īShe had ths strange, quizzical look on her face, like either she wanted to laugh ot she was thinking, 'Off with their heads'…. – Ringo

Iīm not Pavarotti. But I do wanna play. – Ringo, 1995

(About Rishikesh, India)
...Youīd have to fight off the scorpions and tarantulas to try to get in a bath, so there used to be amazing noise in the bathroom. To have a bath youīd start shouting – ‘Oh yes, well, I think Iīll be having a bath nowī- and banging your feet. Youīd keep shouting in the bath: ‘Oh, what a time Iīm having, yes itīs wonderful!ī…. – Ringo

When Iīm driving I sometimes close my eyes and meditate – my chaffeur drives me! – Ringo

I canīt act, I donīt know how to. I just donīt do anything. I donīt know, perhaps that's acting. – Ringo

(About America)
I loved it. And they loved Ringo over there. Thatīs why it was so great for me, because when we got to America, it wasnīt JOHN, PAUL, GEORGE and Ringo; half the time it was RINGO, PAUL, GEORGE and JOHN, or whatever. Suddenly it was equal. – Ringo

(About America, again)
This was just the most brilliant place Iīd ever been to. People were lending us yachts, anything we wanted. A family lent us their boat and let me drive. It was sixty-foot speedboat. They have those pretty rails on the front and I bent them all over the place. But they didnīt seem to mind. – Ringo

(About skiing in "Help!")
Not that any of us could ski. Dick Lester just put us on skis and edged us down a mountain. – Ringo

(To George and Paul, in June 1994, viewable on the Anthology extras disc)
Itīs been really beautiful and moving. I like hanging out with you guys. – Ringo

(In response to the above:)
Little choochie face! – Paul

(About the Philippines, 1966)
Thereīs a famous story about John and I hiding behind these nuns. We thought, itīs a Catholic country, they wonīt beat up the nuns. – Ringo

(First impressions of Ringo)
They [Rory Storm and the Hurricans] would do their show and Ringo was the cocky one at the back, and with the way he looked, with that grey streak in his hair and half a grey eyebrow and a big nose, he looked a real tough guy. But it probably only took half an hour to realize it was actually... Ringo! – George

Some of the fans – a couple of them – were shouting 'Pete is best!' and 'Ringo never, Pete Best forever!', but it was a small group and we ignored it. However, after about half an hour our it was getting a bit tiring so I shouted to the audience. When we stepped out of the band room into the dark tunnel, some guy nodded me one, giving me a black eye. The things we have to do for Ringo! – George

...I was devastated that George Martin had his doubts about me [initially]. I came down ready to roll and heard, īWeīve got a prefessional drummer.īHe has apologized several times since, has old George, but it was devastating – I hated the bugger for years; I still donīt let him off the hook! – Ringo 

...Up until then pop groups had been milk and honey with the press: īNo, I donīt smoke,īthat kind of thing. And here we were, smoking and drinking and shouting at them. Thatīs what endeared us to them. – Ringo

...I really despised the way we couldnīt make a decision for ourselves. It was just: ‘Off you go.ī- īBut Ringo must come with us.ī- īNo, sorry, youīll get a new drummer.īAs we grew older, I suppose, we would have turned around and said we wouldnīt go; but in those days it was the blind leading the blind. – George

They nearly didn't do that Australian tour. George is a very loyal person, and he said, 'If Ringo's not part of the group, it's not The Beatles. I don't see why we should do it, and I'm not going to.' It took all of Brian's and my persuasion to tell George that if he didn't do it, he was letting everybody down…. – George Martin

I remember us standing on the roof of a building in one of the cities in Australia, and all the fans were down there, chanting. We were having fun with them and one guy, who was on crutches threw his crutches away and went into: ‘I can walk, I can walk!’... it was as if he was healed – and then he fell right on his face. He just fell over…. – Ringo

I've always believed the drummer is there not to interrupt the song. – Ringo

Ringo has a tremendous feel for a song and he always helped us hit the right tempo the first time. He was rock solid. This made the recording of all the Beatles songs so much easier. – George Martin

I'd like to end up, sort of, unforgettable. - Ringo

Photo copyright its respective owner. Scanned in from the "Life Reunion Special", 1995.