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That Magic Feeling

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Ready To...

...Start A Controversy?

A tongue-in-cheek look at what it takes to start some controversies, Beatle-style.
1. First things first: Get a look which will shock adults. Recommended is, for example, some faaaaaaar too long hair. Also not a bad choice are leather suits. Or even, jeans. If that horrid rock'n'roll music isn't bad enough, the look is what will make adults shake their heads, disgruntled at the state of the youth these days.
2. Play rock and roll in  a club actually set upon jazz music. It's bound to go down quite well.
3. Trade a drummer for another (musically far better, in my opinion) drummer. Okay, it will annoy some fans but it's a much better choice. Unfortunately, it'll also mean that, if you're like George, you'll get a black eye if you tell the complainers to go away (in so many words).
4. Go on a much discussed holiday with your manager. Frankly, I find the rumors about this really silly but at any rate, it's bound to be controversial!
5. Threaten to tell royalty to "rattle their f... jewelry". But be sure to change your choice of words when it comes down to it.
6. Be sure to get some award which will have people sending back their own medals... Obviously, it's unheard of that anyone should get an award for, oh, I don't know, bringing joy to people?
7. Release a cover with a photo which shows decapitated dolls and raw meat. It's... art? Or just weird. But if you find one years later, it's worth a small fortune.
8. Don't show up for some dinner which you weren't actually really invited to in the first place in Manila. It's a great way to get the locals on your side. Even if you knew nothing about an invitation.
9. Make a remark about Jesus and be sure that it's misquoted and spreads very quickly in the Bible Belt of America. Total overreaction, in my opinion. Plus, totally taken out of context. But, I guess it's an age-old fact that when fanatics are bored, anything is a welcome target.
10. Admit to having taken LSD. Especially if you happen to be "the cute one". Shock!
11. Sign an ad for legalizing marijuana. Like the ad in "The Times" on July 24, 1967, signed (among others) by The Beatles. Not to mention, financed by them at Paul's behest.
12. Find yourself your very own Maharishi and watch people shake their heads in disbelief. People as a whole don't seem all too open to new ideas and thoughts, do they? The Beatles were open but this led to them being viewed as possibly slightly crazy.
13. Play a rooftop concert in a posh area of London. Which means that some people are bound to complain about the "noise".
14. Disband after years of success. In hindsight, it was inevitable but it seems people just didn't like seeing "the boys" going there seperate ways.
There! Now you, too, can ensure you're life is filled with a few controversies here and there... otherwise, life would be boring, wouldn't it?

Again: Not to be taken seriously. :)