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That Magic Feeling

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Do's and Don'ts

The sensible and not-so-sensible Fab lessons...

End of December - it's that time of year again. One year draws to a close as a new one approaches. Countless people vow to change and make resolutions (though how many actually stick to those?)
This leads me to figure that there could very well be some valuable lessons to be learned from our favorite foursome for the new year ahead... Though, please, remember, this isn't meant too seriously. ;)
- If you have aspirations, hold onto them, regardless of what people try to tell you. And, if all works out and you can prove to them that you did achieve what you'd set out to, all the better, right?
- Keep re-inventing yourself while still maintaining your core principles... if you're talented, make the most of it!
- Keep a sense of humor in all you do. Life's often tough and never fair but without a few laughs here and there, it'd be worse.
- Move to where the jobs are! Seriously, so many people want to stay in their hometowns all their lives... admirable though it may be, these days, a job is terribly important and so, if you need to move to get one, do so! The Beatles eventually moved from Liverpool down to London, as was necessary in the Sixties and did it hurt their careers and lives? Not really.
- Be honest. It's always the best policy.
- Keep searching for answers. Standing still would be, well, to be honest, silly and boring.
- Necessarily try to make your own film... let "Magical Mystery Tour" be your warning.
- Remarry too quickly after the love of your life's passed away. No offense, Paul.
- Let others tell you what you should or shouldn't do, say, try etc. You're your own person!
- Get into senseless arguments with good friends.
- Wait too long to break up if you feel it's overdue!