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That Magic Feeling

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The Learning Page

Thanks to The Beatles, we can all learn a few pointers for life...

Time does wonders.
"It's important to state that a lot of water has gone under the bridge and that, as we talk now, everybody's good friends and we have a better understanding of the past...." - George

Sometimes, facing the truth is better than gripping onto an illusion.
"It'd come to the point where it was no longer creating magic." - John

When faced with silly questions, state the obvious.
Q: What do you expect to find here in Australia?
John: Australians, I should think.

True friends are always honest.
"...I remember being totally bananas thinking I am the one and the other three would look at me and say, "'scuse me, what are you doing?" I remember each of us getting into that state." - Ringo

Good intentions are often misunderstood.
"...[w]hy I wrote some songs that were trying to say: 'Hey, you can all experience this...' But then you realize you can take the horse to the water, but you can't make him drink... Sometimes people took the songs the wrong way, as if I was trying to preach, but I wasn't." - George

There's more to life than work.
"...[w]e were starting to have had enough experience as the Beatles to have grown up a bit and realized that there's more to life than being noddy-head Beatles [by 1966]." - George

Life can be an adventure.
[In Rishikesh, India] "...You'd have to fight off the scorpions and tarantulas to try to get in a bath, so there used to be amazing noise in the bathroom. To have a bath you'd start shouting - 'Oh yes, well, I think I'll be having a bath now' - and banging your feet. You'd keep shouting in the bath: 'Oh, what a time I'm having, yes it's wonderful'..." - Ringo

Believe in yourself.
"...We were told all the time: 'You'll never do anything, you Northern bastards.' It was that kind of attitude. So although we didn't openly say, 'Fuck you!' it was basically our thing. 'We'll show these fuckers.' And we walked right through London, the Palladium, and kept on going through Ed Sullivan, and on to Hong Kong and the world..." - George

Misconceptions abound.
"Quite an image. People think of stardom as glamorous, and there's us freezing - lying literally on top of each other, as a Beatle sandwich." - Paul

* * *

There are lessons to be learned from the women in the lives of J, P, G and R... Read on!
Going for bangs is an ideal hairstyle. You must have noticed that nearly every Beatlegirl in the 60's had this hairstyle.
Don't necessarily just be the stay at home and wait for your man girl. Take Jane as an example for this - she didn't just submit to being at Paul's constant beck and call. Good for her.
Be kind to those around you. Let's take Linda as an example - by all accounts, she was a very well-liked and kind woman and never acted like she was better than anyone just because her hubby happens to be rich.
Dare to be eccentric. So a lot of people think Yoko is... crazy - she's unique. And there's nothing wrong with that.
Be brave and defend your family against lunatics. Thank Heaven for Olivia and her bashing that nutcase who broke in the Harrison home and tried to kill George over the head.
If you can, be charitable. From organizations like the Romanian Angel Appeal to PETA, the Beatles' wives and girlfriends are all for good causes.
Hog the limelight, pretty much constantly. Or act normal instead. (Meaning, un-Heather-like.)
Demand an astronomical divorce settlement and still rant on about being dissatisfied. Sounds oh-so-sensible, huh?
Don't underestimate the power of meeting up-and-coming musicans. Jane Asher met Paul in April 1963 - and was his girlfriend/fiancee until 1968.
Even if you're screenplay is crap, you can still become a Beatle's... well, affair - just look at France Schwartz. Sorry, Paul.
Sometimes, you've got to take a dare. Maureen did - and ended up as Ringo's wife, even though she first kissed Paul.
Sometimes, a commercial can lead to far greater things. Such as a film set. And meeting George.
Hey, take Heather "the ex" as your role model. Wait - that looks wrong.