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Beatle Homes

A look and, in some cases, inside various homes owned by The Beatles over the years...

The invaluable source for facts and figures pertaining to these homes has been the brilliant "The Beatles' London", by Piet Schreuders, Mark Lewisohn and Adam Smith.

* * *

Home for a while to all four Beatles, Flat L, 4th floor, on Green Street, Mayfair, London

- After first staying at hotels when they spent more and more time in London (the Royal Court Hotel, Sloane Square; the President, Russel Square), this became the band's first residence in London.

- The address was kept top-secret, but avid fans soon figured it out and hung out infront of the building pretty much permanently, hoping to catch sight of one or more Beatles.

- According the the approximation of Schreuders, Lewisohn and Smith (authors of The Beatles' London Guide), they moved in sometime in the early autumn of 1963 and out in the spring of 1964.

- By Spring '64, George and Ringo where the only Beatles still living on Green Street. John, along with Cynthia and Julian, had moved to Emperors Gate and Paul had moved into the Asher residence on Wimpole Street.

George's first home, Kinfauns

- Located on 16 Claremont Drive, Esher, Surrey, George lived here from February 1965 to December 1969.

- It's a bungalow and can be seen in a series of photos taken in October 1965 by photographer Leslie Bryce for The Beatles Book.

- The other three Beatles often visited.

- Although it's pretty well hidden away, devoted fans managed to find out where it was, inevitably hung around there as well, hoping to see or even meet George.

Friar Park, Henley-on-Thames

- A Victorian gothic mansion´(if you've seen glimpses in pictures, and recently also in the "Living in the Material World" documentary, it looks stunning!)

- It was initially owned by Sir Frank Crisp, from 1875 to 1919. After this, it was owned by Catholic nuns.

- In January 1970, George purchased the house.

- George had one of the rooms converted into a recording studio, called F.P.S.H.O.T. (Friar Park Studio, Henley-on-Thames).

- Its extensive gardens were restored by George and Olivia and George spent a lot of time taking care of the garden himself, right up through 2001.

- Some of the songs inspired by Friar Park are "Crackerbox Palace" and "The Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)".

Other homes owned by George: On Hamilton Island, Australia; Hawaii; Switzerland.

7 Cavendish Avenue, St John's Wood

- Purchased by Paul in March 1965 and, after refurbishments, Paul made it his home in early August 1966.

- Paul had a high electronically operated gate installed, complete with an intercom system. That didn't deter any fans, though, because it became a prime site for fans to hang around, waiting.

- It's a mere five minutes' walking distance from Abbey Road Studios.

- The sunhouse in the garden served as one of the photo locations for the infamous Mad Day Out in July 1968.

Other homes owned by Paul: In Scotland, New York, Long Island, elsewhere in the U.S., Rye, Icklesham, Essex, Merseyside.

13 Emperors Gate, Flat 3, 4th floor

- Home to John, Cynthia and baby Julian from November 1963 to July 1964.

- Although they lived there under the pseudonym last name of Hadley, fans soon figured it out and kept vigil day and night.

- The Lennons soon moved out of London...

Kenwood, on Wood Lane, Weybridge

- From the end of July 1964 to December 1968, this was the home of John, Cynthia and Julian.

- It's a 27-room home built in a mock-Tudor style, purchased by John in July 1964 and extensively remodeled prior to moving in.

- This home was also a photo location for The Beatles Book, in June 1967. The photos show John inside and outside (by the swimming pool), with Julian and with his newly psychedelic painted Rolls Royce.

Tittenhurst Park, on London Road, Sunningdale, Ascot

- A 72 acre estate with a Georgian-style home, purchased by John in May 1969.

- John and Yoko lived there until their move to New York City in September 1971.

- The house was originally made up of several smaller rooms, but converted into larger, open spaces at John and Yoko's request.

- There was a recording studio installed, named Ascot Sound. This was where "Imagine" was recorded.

- The gardens of Tittenhurst Park (open to the public prior to the Lennons' purchase) were the photo location for the last group photo session of the Beatles, on August 22, 1969.

- The gardens also include famed Weeping Blue Atlas Cedars.

- In 1973, Ringo became the home's new owner, until 1988. He renamed the recording studio while he lived there... Startling Studios.

Other homes owned by John: Apartment in New York City's Dakota Building.

34 Montagu Square, Marylebone

- Leased by Ringo in early 1965.

- Ringo himself only lived there for a short time, until moving out to the country with Maureen.

- For a short time during 1968, John and Yoko lived here.

Sunny Heights, Weybridge

- Purchased by Ringo in July 1965.

- This mock-Tudor home is very close to John's Kenwood estate.

- Ringo and Maureen lived in the home from 1965 to November 1968. The home was sold in May 1969.

- In May 1966, Ringo's home was also a photo location for The Beatles Book.

Brookfields, on Cot Mill Lane, Elstead

- Home to Ringo, Maureen and their children from November 1968 to December 1969.

- A 16th century mansion, featuring a vineyard, billiard room, sauna, cinema, five-car garage and six-horse stables.

- It had previously been owned by actor Peter Sellers.

Other homes owned by Ringo: In California; in Monte Carlo.

* * *
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