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That Magic Feeling

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The Site Map

"Nowhere to go"? Okay, lame Beatles lyric reference aside, this is That Magic Feeling's site map! You're lost, want to find a particular feature, are interested in any specific theme... Whatever the case may be, you've come to the right place.
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The Beatles in Hamburg 
The site's Hamburg feature, including the following sub-pages: Timeline, Beatles Blitztournee 1966, Post-Beatles Visits, Photos, Playlist, Quotes, Letters, Articles, First recording session, Astrid/Klaus/Juergen, Hamburg Friends, Astrid Kirchherr's Recollections, Performance locations, Places to see, Fact and Fiction, The infamous Preludin, Bibliography.

In Memory of George 
In tribute of my favorite Beatle.

In Memory of George

In memory of John

Remembering the unforgettable John.

Write Away
Writing - or rambling - by the webmiss can be read here. :)

George's 70th!
Another "letter" for what would be George's 70th birthday in February 2013... and more.

The Fab Galleries
A collection of photos scanned from various books, magazines and calendars by the webmiss, as well as a link to my Beatles blog thateventuality at Tumblr, where I post scans quite frequently.

Chatting on...
Yahoo and MSN chat transcripts with George and Dhani Harrison.

The Beatle Style
The changing style during the Sixties.

Now That's Style!
George was the most fashionable Beatle. Here's the proof.

Learning how to deal with fashon, Beatle-style.

Looking Back
Original 60's articles and fan memories.

"Let's go back..."
More 60's recollections.

A look at the all-out hysteria surrounding the Beatles.

Record breaking
Just a few of the many, many records held by the Beatles.

Spotlight On...
Mini-features on various events and aspects of the Beatles' careers.

Beatle Homes
The most well-known Beatle homes, in facts, figures and photos.

One, Two, Three, Four
A look at the intriguing and complex personalities of John, Paul, George and Ringo.

Ahead Of Them All
The Beatles were pioneers in many ways... here are some serious and tongue in cheek examples.

Quotable HoF
The best quotes by and about the Beatles.

Fab Videos
YouTube's a great source for plenty of Beatles footage.

How To...
A Beatle guide to dealing with the press.

The Beatle Girls
Who were the most important women in the Beatles' lives?

The Learning Page
Learning from the Beatles and their wives and girlfriends.

The oddest Beatle connections out there.

"Four Parts Of the One"
Celebrating the friendship of the Beatles.

What Might Have Been...
More info on the band's plan to purchase a Greek island in 1967.

The Beatles &...
...a now-disbanded German band.

"Is it... habit-forming?"
Are you a Beatlemaniac? Find out here.

43 Indicators...
Love George? Check and see if you're a George fan here.

What if...?

...The Beatles hadn't been the Beatles? Some career suggestions, all tongue in cheek, of course.

Is it getting hot in here? Three pages worth of eye-candy for us female fans.

Inspired by a photo, meet... The Eatles.

A toast to the boys!

If Only...
Don't you wish they'd finally invent time travel?

Mock Awards
Proving that you can indeed invent awards for anything.

Brought To You By...
Imagine the advertizing deals the Beatles could have had...

It's Okay...
They're The Beatles, they can get away with pretty much anything. ;)

Tour Guides
Travel the world with the Beatles.

Ah, To Be That...
Too much caffeine and a crazy fan equal this.

Teaching the ABCs...
Teach those kiddies their ABCs with a Beatle touch.

Ever Wonder?
Photos that make you wonder.

There It Is Again!
Paul and one of his apparently favorite articles of clothing in 1967...

Paul And...
Noticed Paul's liking of buses?

The Beatles, masters of disguise?

Reality Show?
Television's flooded with reality shows of all sorts... imagine one in the Sixties featuring the Beatles.

The Fab...
Likewise, there's no limit to the amount of cooking shows on TV. Why not have a fab one?

Very British
Ringo's right, they were British to the core.

Sleepy and tired Beatles.

An unhealthy habit the band made look so good.

Lucky You!
Lucky people meeting the Beatles back in the Sixties.

Let's Be Honest...
We don't just love them for their music, do we?

Simply... Inexplicable
More photos to make you wonder.

"Look into..."
A look at the Beatles' eyes, one of their best physical features, no doubt.

The Next Closest Thing?
Reviving the Sixties nowadays.

"Such lovely lads..."
The boys next door.

Ready To...
Rebelling like the Beatles.

You Read What!?!
Headlines we're not likely to ever see.

Thumbs Up!
Perfected by Paul and rubbed off on John, George and Ringo?

The Beatles, cowboy style.

Evolution of...
A look at the changing style of that controversial hair.

We Love George!
Reasons to love one of the most amazing, talented people ever.

The One and Only...
Giving Ringo his due adoration.

Do's and Don'ts
Sensible and not-so-sensible Fab lessons.

About The Girl...
Who is the crazy girl behind this site?

Only Love
Lots of reasons to love John, Paul, George and Ringo.

All Our Loving
Complete with a cheesy title, here are hundreds of reasons to love The Beatles.

So Who's My Favorite Beatle?
Rambling about my favorite Beatle (it's George, in case you hadn't noticed).

Love *Them* All The Time
Trying to sum up in words the continuing influence of the band on my life.

Ticket to... England
Journeys to London and Liverpool.

Several, mostly Beatle-related, fanlistings I've joined.

The legal bit.

A great, big thank you to the many sources that help to create this site.

About the Site
Info on the site, its name and other FAQ.

Dedicated to...
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