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That Magic Feeling

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One, Two, Three, Four

Upon visitors’ requests, a look at the intriguing and unique personalities of John, Paul, George and Ringo...


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the-beatles.jpg picture by tmf83photos



"The thing is, we were all a mixture. I have a harder side, John had a softer side. I wrote 'Helter Skelter' and that's harder than people think I wrote. John wrote 'Good Night', which is so sentimental that people would not think John would do that, but he had a beautiful sentimental side, too.

We were all infected by each other. We were not one-dimensional. People often minimize the influence of George and Ringo, inferring that George just stood there with a pick waiting for a solo and Ringo did nothing but drum. That's just wrong, they had a massive influence. We were a great democracy, The Beatles; that was one of the sources of our troubles, but also one of our great blessings."
– Paul


* *


According to MOJO, it was “A Hard Day’s Night” which probably most clearly defined John, Paul, George and Ringo to the press; the first real indication of and introduction to the individual personalities of the band members. Or, to quote the Mojo Special Edition magazine “1000 Days of Beatlemania”:


"John: aggressive, extrovert sarky bastard; George: deadpan, introvert sarky bastard; Ringo: insecure, lugubrious sarky bastard; Paul: bouncy, gung-ho sarky bastard."


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"All the guys had their fans – Ringo had a big following because he's a nice guy, a great drummer, so he needed a song on each album. Likewise, with George; a lot of girls were mad on him, so we always wanted to give him at least one track…"

- Paul


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