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That Magic Feeling

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Fan memories by the webmiss

How long have you been a Beatles fan?

Since March 1995.


How did you become interested in the Beatles?

It all began when I accidentally stumbled across "A Hard Day's Night" on television one day. Instantly, I was fascinated and, let's face it, irrevocably besotted. From that point on, I turned into a major Beatlemaniac.


Who is your favorite Beatle?

George, though of course I love all four band members. :)


Have you seen a Beatle or all four live? If so, please feel free to share your memories.

I've been really, really lucky to have caught both Ringo and Paul live, truly amazing and priceless experiences (which can be read about in the "Live!" section of this site).


Have you met a Beatle?

I wish! Only in my dreams, unfortunately.


Do you collect Beatles memorabilia?

If it's affordable, I find it impossible to pass up... Books, magazines, pins, posters, t-shirts and other assorted memorabilia – all of these things are treasured by me.


How do others react to your love of the Beatles?

As a teen, people my age generally thought it was freaky to love an "old" band, while most teachers were pleasantly surprised. Later, I suppose most people just sort of saw it as part of my personality... "Oh, yeah, the Beatlegirl". ;)


Have you visited well-known Beatles sites such as Abbey Road, other London places, Liverpool etc.?

Clearly, the majority of my money's spent on the Beatles, because I’ve been to both London and Liverpool and absolutely love these cities.


What's the craziest thing you’ve done as a fan?

Aside from spending lots of money, I suppose charging through Liverpool heading for Mathew Street at age fourteen with several Beatles pins attached to my t-shirt might qualify as being a bit crazy by most people's standards. ;)


If you've been a fan since the sixties, how do you view the development of the Beatles and their music?


* * *

A band that has become part of cultural history, society and collective memory. A band that has touched so many people through the years, myself included. All this and more sums up the significance of The Beatles.

From the first moment on, I was besotted. Quite accidentally, I stumbled across A Hard Day’s Night on television in early 1995 and was instantly hooked. How could four people be so... talented? Funny? Full of energy? Charming? All I could do was watch and realize that I simply had to find out more about them.

Unfortunately, I was born in the wrong decade, thirteen years after the break-up of The Beatles. Beatlemania in the Nineties? At age eleven, I didn’t let that stop me. Who was to say that I couldn’t decorate the inside of my school locker with Beatles photos? And what about plastering my three-ring binder Fab Four style? The walls of my room turned into a veritable Beatles shrine. And my collection began to grow – music, videos, books, magazines, pins, T-shirts... To this day, if it’s affordable, I can’t pass it up.

Being a second generation Beatles fan of course has some very obvious disadvantages. I’ll never get to experience The Beatles live as a band. Never stand the chance of somehow meeting them. Never be a fan right from the start in the Sixties. Never even be alive at the same time as all four band members.

But still, I can savor my modern day Beatlemania: keeping that collection going; visiting London, Liverpool and Hamburg; delving into the online Beatles community; grabbing any opportunity to see a Beatle live (Ringo and Paul, in my case); not letting forty-odd years stop me from beaming happily whenever I spot The Beatles on television, the radio or bookshelves. It seems impossible to imagine not being a dedicated, loyal and smitten fan of the band.

Let’s face it, ultimately, I love George, Paul, John and Ringo more than I can ever adequately put into words. Their music – above all – is the most brilliant thing I have ever heard. Their astonishing talent never ceases to amaze me. And to top it all off, they were and are incredibly complex, intriguing, hilarious and indescribably fabulous individuals. They have enriched and enlivened my life for the past fifteen years and will continue to do so through this life (and any possible future ones).


* * *

April 2010

It’s been fifteen years, but I still love The Beatles. And I have a sneaking suspicion that I always will, no matter what.
It all began in March 1995 when I, eleven years old at the time, stumbled across The Beatles on television. The film was called "A Hard Day's Night" and right away, I was hooked, glued to the screen, gripped and endlessly fascinated by these four people. The music! The humor! The personalities! The looks! There was no turning back - from the moment I saw The Beatles, things were never really the same again.
In school, I used to take a lot of flack for liking an "old" band. Some teachers, too, were surprised to see my notebook covered with Beatles pictures. But that didn't stop me - I just kept getting more and more interested in The Beatles... and the more I found out, the more I loved it all.
In essence, it is definitely safe to say that The Beatles changed my life. Aside from the obvious fact that they made me a nut (many people call me obsessed... but I still maintain that it’s just loyalty), and that I can listen to their music repeatedly, they also broadened my horizons in countless ways. Examples that come to mind are:

- Turning me into an Anglophile, with a great interest in England, English history, the cities, the accents...
- Interesting me in India. Who knows if I ever would have traveled there without loving the Beatles?
- Making me like '60's fashion (e.g. a raincoat like Paul's in Paris, 1964; a female version of a pair of Beatle boots; sunglasses la the "Paperback Writer"/"Rain" videos; pants somewhat similar to George's infamous striped ones...)
- In fact, I wished I had straight, not curly, hair, because I'd have gotten a Jane-Asher-style haircut a long time ago!
- Despite the fact that I've always loved reading novels for as long as I've been able to, becoming interested in The Beatles meant reading up on the subject (to date, I own over one hundred books on the band)... even a book the size of "The Beatles Anthology" from cover to cover.
- Through them, I became more interested in photography and ended up doing a photography project for art class in High School.
- Likewise, it was through them that I discovered psychedelic art and used that as a basis for an art project in High School (minus the, er, mind-altering drugs, of course).
- Not conforming to all set rules, being innovative and having your own opinion are also things that I've come to realize much more strongly through these four people.
- They made me more aware of the fact (as Astrid Kirchherr once wrote) that you've got to hold onto your dreams and work to make them happen.
- Always trying to find and keep some humor in all you do.
- They made me want to write, as a journalist, that is.

The list goes on. They have been - and still are - a massive influence in my life. They are also the one band, the one interest, which always succeeds in gripping me and in putting a smile on my face, no matter what happens and no matter what life throws at me.
As mentioned in another piece of writing, the choice of who was to be my favorite Beatle was initially individual - I chose George - and was then influenced by my mother (who has always been a Paul fan). To this day, it continues to be George who is my favorite Beatle, followed by Paul.
It’s now 2010 and, as I write this, I am surrounded, as ever, by Beatles posters on the walls of my room, a Beatles calendar, Beatles books and miscellaneous memorabilia, all of the official CD's, as well as some... not so official ones, vinyl albums, videos, DVD's, magazines and newspaper/magazine clippings, t-shirts etc. Even now, I find it hard to pass something Beatley up as long as it’s affordable. Being a Beatlemaniac is really a way of life, I suppose. It's rare for a week to go by without a listen to a Beatles or solo Beatles album. Not to mention that I maintain this little Beatles fansite.
Prior to seeing The Beatles that first time, I'd never have assumed that something could mean so much to me for such a length of time... but I'm glad I found out otherwise. My life has been enriched and enlivened by John, Paul, George and Ringo and I wouldn’t want to miss that for anything in the world. Taking up a huge section of my heart, with all their astonishing musical talent, genius, humor, perseverance, innovation, imperfections and that certain special "Beatleness", they will always be an immeasurable inspiration to me (even if that sounds incredibly cheesy). Thank you, George, Paul, Ringo and John!