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That Magic Feeling

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Live in London Town

One incredible experience, well worth saving money for and flying over to England for...

Paul McCartney

Up and Coming Tour

Hard Rock Calling, Hyde Park, London – 27th June 2010


From about 7:45 pm to 10:30 pm, Hyde Park was as close to heaven as conceivable. Frankly, I could sum the experience up by saying it was beyond amazing, spectacular, mind-blowing and completely wonderful. If the sensation of seeing Paul live could be bottled, it’d be the perfect drug to take out when life brings you down...

The weather was gorgeous in London: clear blue skies, not a cloud in sight, 32° C (maybe even more) and sunshine.

Not entirely sure how many people were there, but apparently last year’s capacity was 65,000 and one article from this year said 50,000, so it’s somewhere around there. Naturally, I ended up behind really tall guys, not to mention plenty of hats as well, due to the heat. Didn’t stop me having the best time, though.

Hyde Park is an amazing location – and the security was much kinder compared to the German methods; my digital camera was okay to be taken in, so I snapped away happily during the whole show. ;) (Thank goodness for the zoom function!) There were three big screens, which was a relief, since I was not that close to the stage (too hot to go really early and try to get better standing space).

The set list was brilliant! Okay, obviously, I’m partial to Paul, since he’s one of my four heroes (the other three being, of course, George, John and Ringo), but really, he wowed London.




Venus and Mars/Rockshow: Another perfect show opener and a highlight, since I really like this song!

Jet: Another favorite, and such energy! Plus, the London crowd was great, singing along loudly right from the start and having a great time.

All My Loving: Loved the Beatles footage playing along to this and adore this song!

Letting Go: Really pleased to have heard this one live!

Got To Get You Into My Life: It goes without saying that this song is always fantastic to hear.

Highway: Loved it and am getting pretty attached to Paul’s Fireman work.

Let Me Roll/Foxy Lady: Looove this song.

The Long and Winding Road: I’m glad Paul included it again, it’s just so gorgeous.

Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five: It’s getting repetitive, but... I love this song!

Let ‘Em In: Not usually one of my favorites (sorry), but it really works live.

My Love: Paul commented on Linda’s photos being exhibited on the walls of the Hard Rock Café tent that night... suitably so, she should get plenty of recognition for her excellent photography.

I’m Looking Through You: Looove love love this song and I’m thrilled he played it!

Two Of Us: This is yet another of my favorites, thankfully included again.

Tequila: Random fun added with a Paul version of this song, and his comment that he wasn’t sure why we were doing this, but it was fun. And it suited the heat and fantastic mood perfectly!

Blackbird: A bit more subdued with this little gem.

Here Today: John got plenty of cheers from the audience, rightly so!

Dance Tonight: Thank you, England, for knowing this song and singing along, unlike German audiences, who seemed to generally have no clue about Paul’s solo work.

Ram On: Can’t believe I got to hear this live, very unexpected!

Mrs. Vandebilt: Fun, with the chorus going on a bit more after the song had finished; the band seemed to have as much fun as the crowd.

Eleanor Rigby: Isn’t this just one the best songs ever?

Something: George also got loads of cheers from the crowd, which he fully deserves, in my opinion. Again, a beautiful tribute by Paul and the band to my favorite Beatle.

Sing The Changes: This one really is so great live!

Band On the Run: Looove this song, no surprise there.

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da: Went down really well with the London crowd, in the late sunshine and heat.

Back In the U.S.S.R.: Predictably, I’m going to have to say that I looove this song and could listen to it live endlessly.

I’ve Got A Feeling: Amazing performance once more and quite funny to spot some of the photographers on the big screens, dancing along to this one. ;)

Paperback Writer: Another one I loooove, and what a performance of it!

A Day In the Life/Give Peace A Chance: Now whenever I listen to A Day In the Life, I automatically expect it to merge with Give Peace A Chance. ;) The crowd sang along to this one as well... sometimes I think governments should take the time to listen to thousands of people all singing the chorus and wake up.

Let It Be: Paul dedicated this one to “friends and family” who had come along to support him that night. Always a lovely song.

Live and Let Die: Thanks to the Queen for lifting the fireworks and pyros ban just for Paul on the 27th, this was AMAZING. Gorgeous fireworks shooting up into the night sky and a high energy performance.

Hey Jude: Another massive singalong... and everyone in the audience kept singing the ending chorus when the band had already left the stage, coaxing them out again for the encore, of course. ;)



Day Tripper: Yes, we DO want to keep rocking tonight. ;)

Lady Madonna: Looove this song, again.

Get Back: Hyde Park was really stomped on for this one!


(2nd encore)

Yesterday: What Paul concert would be complete without this song?

Helter Skelter: Did anyone doubt that this band could play rock ‘n’ roll? Then this really proved the point once and for all.

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)/The End: Paul could have played on and on, all through the night, but alas, there’s a curfew at 10:30 pm...


Random highlights:


-          All the quips, e.g. Paul imitating shouters in the audience (there must have been a few soccer/football fans there who had drowned their sorrows in too much alcohol); a banner requesting Paul to sign someone’s butt so it could be turned into a tattoo was met with a resounding NO. ;)

-          Echoing Paul’s words, phrases and noises really could have gone on for ages, with, as he commented, London wondering what was going on. ;)

-          The charm, the charm. Paul’s just the natural born charmer and it was on in full force again in London. He totally wins the audience over within seconds.

-          Paul tries to ignore signs so he can concentrate on the songs, but part of him wants to read them. The result: “And it puts you off.” ;)

-          The sheer power and energy of the audience was spectacular.

-          Rusty has THANX written on the back side of one of his guitars, which he held up at one point.

-          Before the last song, Paul did the usual announcement of having to go home... though when the audience all shouted nooooo, he suggested: “Let’s sleep in the park!”, which was met by cheers. However, he noted that wouldn’t work, “they’d chuck us out”. ;)

-          The band just gets better and better... thank you for an unforgettable, amazing night! And... see you next time, of course. ;)

A few photos coming soon. :)