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That Magic Feeling

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That Certain Something

A random collection of personal favorite Beatles anecdotes...
* * *

"He'd walk to the art college, past our school, with his glasses off. I'd shout hello and he'd wave back to a lamppost or a postbox!"

Michael McCartney, about John and his eyesight


* *


George: Remember that house we stayed at in Harlech?

Paul: No. Which one?

George: Yes, you do! There was a woman there who had a dog with no legs. She used to take it out in the morning for a slide.


* *


The waiters [in Hamburg] would teach you to say "fuck off" or "kiss my arse" and pretend it was something else. So we'd say it to someone, and they'd grab you by the throat and we'd say, "No, we're English! He told me to say it!"



* *


Everybody went home and made up a spool, a loop: "OK, class, now I want you all to go home and come back in the morning with your own loop." We were touching on the Stockhausen kind of "avant garde a clue" music...

George, about the recording of "Tomorrow Never Knows"


...[I]t's just two not-very-nice-looking bodies, two flabby bodies naked. It's harmless, really – different strokes for different folks.

George, about the John and Yoko's "Two Virgins" album cover


* *


Q: Is the pope due to fly in?

John: No, he has to use a plane these days just like everybody else.


* *


Dear Ted,


Having a wonderful. The weather is quite. Wish you were. The food is. So are we. See you when we get.

Ours truly,

Them Beatles


* *


You'd have to fight off the scorpions and tarantulas to try to get in a bath, so there used to be amazing noise in the bathroom. To have a bath you'd start shouting – "Oh, yes, well, I think I'll be having a bath now" – and banging your feet. You'd keep shouting in the bath: "Oh, what a time I'm having, yes it's wonderful!"

Ringo, about the 1968 Rishikesh stay


* *


They [Rory Storm and the Hurricanes] would do their show and Ringo was the cocky one at the back, and with the way he looked, with that grey streak in his hair and half a grey eyebrow and a big nose, he looked a real tough guy. But it probably only took half an hour to realize it was actually... Ringo!

George’s first impression of Ringo


* *


Some of the fans – a couple of them – were shouting "Pete is best!” and “Ringo never, Pete Best forever!”, but it was a small group and we ignored it. However, after about half an hour it was getting a bit tiring so I shouted at the audience. When we stepped out of the band room into the dark tunnel [at the Cavern Club], some guy nodded me one, giving me a black eye. The things we have to do for Ringo!

George, about the first live show with Ringo as the new drummer


The chocolate digestives incident... when Yoko ate George’s chocolate digestives without asking him first, causing him to call her a “bitch”. Lesson learned: Never mess with George and his food.


Another great van story was when George and Paul were both planning to drive the van; George got into the driving seat and Paul had the keys, and there was no way one was going to help the other. We couldn’t go anywhere. We sat there for two hours...

Ringo, on the early touring days


John and Cynthia, both myopic, arguing in the car outside a club or restaurant wbout who’s turn it was this time to go in first with his or her glasses on to locate where the others were sitting.


We were told all the time: “You’ll never do anything, you Northern bastards.” It was that kind of attitude. So although we didn’t openly say, “Fuck you!” it was basically our thing. “We’ll show these fuckers.” And we walked right through London, the Palladium, and kept on going through Ed Sullivan, and on to Hong Kong and the world...


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