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That Magic Feeling

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My Beatles Collection

My Beatles Collection

Gathered, proudly cherished and adored by Andrea R. since 1995 :)




The Beatles


Please Please Me

With the Beatles

A Hard Day’s Night

Beatles For Sale


Rubber Soul


Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Magical Mystery Tour

Yellow Submarine

White Album

Let It Be

Abbey Road

Past Masters Vol. 1

Past Masters Vol. 2

Live at the BBC

The Beatles Anthology 1

The Beatles Anthology 2

The Beatles Anthology 3


Yellow Submarine Songtrack


The Complete Christmas Records

The Decca Audition

Session Outtakes

15 interview CD’s

Live at the Star Club

Abbey Road Now


Baby It’s You

Free As A Bird

Real Love


George Harrison


All Things Must Pass

Dark Horse

The Best of George Harrison
Extra Texture

Living in the Material World

The Dark Horse Years box set

Concert for George

Let It Roll

(Bootleg) Pirate Songs


My Sweet Lord

Any Road


The Traveling Wilburys

Volume 1

Volume 3


Paul McCartney



Wings Greatest


Back to the Egg

Tug Of War

All the Best

Off the Ground

Flaming Pie

Run Devil Run

Driving Rain

Chaos and Creation...

Memory Almost Full

Back in the World

Good Evening New York City

UNCUT Paul McCartney

04 Summer Zurich

Working Classical

Standing Stone


John Lennon

Lennon Legend



Ringo Starr

Vertical Man

VH1 Storytellers

Ringo Rama

Photograph: Very Best of Ringo Starr

Liverpool 8

Y Not?



The Beatles



The Beatles Greatest

Rubber Soul


Sgt Pepper

White Album

Abbey Road

Let It Be


Let It Be

Red Album

Blue Album

Paul McCartney

Flowers in the Dirt

Tug Of War

London Town

John Lennon

(French) Rock’n’Roll
George Harrison
All Things Must Pass




-          The Beatles Anthology // 2 copies

-          Remember (Michael McCartney)

-          The Beatles Unseen (Mark Hayward)

-          Beatles (Robert Freeman)

-          The Beatles in the Beginning (Harry Benson)

-          The Beatles Files (Andy Davis) // 2 copies

-          It was thirty years ago today (Terence Spencer)

-          George Harrison (Joshua M. Greene)

-          McCartney (Christopher Sandford)

-          Paul McCartney (Harald Martin)

-          “Mach Schau!” Die Beatles in Hamburg (Rehwagen, Schmidt)

-          The Beatles: Unseen (John Howard)

-          The Beatles Now and Then (Harry Benson)

-          Yesterday: Photographs of The Beatles (Robert Freeman)

-          The Beatles in Hamburg (Jürgen Vollmer)

-          The Beatles: Wie alles begann (Kirchherr, Scheler)

-          The Beatles Unseen Archives (Compiled by Hill, Clayton)

-          Die Beatles Tag für Tag (Simon Wells)

-          The Beatles London (Schreuders, Lewisohn, Smith)

-          Beatles Guide Hamburg (Ulf Krüger)

-          Beatles in Hamburg (Ulf Krüger)

-          Warum spielst du Imagine nicht auf dem weissen Klavier, John? (Klaus Voormann)

-          I Me Mine (George Harrison)

-          Wonderful Tonigt (Pattie Boyd)

-          John (Cynthia Lennon)

-          With The Beatles (Dezo Hoffmann)

-          The Beatles and Ireland (Lynch, Smyth)

-          Eight Days A Week: Inside the Beatles’ Final World Tour

-          Abbey Road (Southhall, Vince & Rouse)

-          The Beatles Lyrics

-          A Hard Day’s Write (Steve Turner)

-          The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics

-          The Beatles at the BBC (Kevin Howlett)

-          The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions (Lewisohn)

-          Once there was a way (Harry Benson)

-          “Du machst die Beatles!” (Emerick)

-          The Beatles: Story & Songs kompakt

-          The Beatles (Hertsgaard)

-          Harrison (The editors of Rolling Stone)

-          John, Paul & Me: Before The Beatles (Len Garry)

-          John, Paul, George, Ringo & Me (Tony Barrow)

-          Beatles Diary (Alf Bicknell)

-          Blackbird Singing (Paul McCartney)

-          In His Own Write (John Lennon)

-          A Spaniard in the Works (John Lennon)

-          Many Years From Now (Paul McCartney)

-          The Beatles: The True Beginnings (Roag Best with Pete and Rory)

-          Postcards From the Boys (Ringo Starr)

-          John Lennon: The Legend (James Henke)

-          Each One Believing (Paul McCartney)

-          The Beatles (Hunter Davies) // 4 copies

-          Die Beatles (Niedergesäss)

-          The Beatles (Kemper)

-          The Beatles: The True Story (Billy Shepherd) / orig. 1964 edition

-          The Day John met Paul (Jim O’Donnell)

-          Love Me Do! The Beatles’ Progress (Michael Braun)

-          Die Beatles (Moers, Neumann, Rombeck)

-          Beatles Story (Elmar Hörig)

-          Paul McCartney: Yesterday and Today (Ray Coleman)

-          John Lennon (Alan Posener)

-          George Harrison (Alan Clayson)

-          Paul McCartney (Alan Clayson)

-          John Lennon (Alan Clayson)

-          Ringo Starr (Alan Clayson)

-          The Beatles (Bob Spitz)

-          “Internationale Pilzvergiftung” (Bernd Matheja)

-          The Beatles At the Movies (Roy Carr)

-          The Best of the Beatles Book

-          The Beatles: 10 Years That Shook the World (Mojo)

-          Shout! The Beatles in their generation (Philip Norman)

-          The Beatles: An Oral History (Pritchard & Lysaght)

-          In their own words

-          ... after the break-up

-          The McCartney Interviews

-          Die Beatles und ich

-          In My Life

-          Los Beatles

-          The Beatles (Alan Kozinn)

-          John Lennon (Ray Coleman)

-          Beatles Lexikon

-          The Long and Winding Road (Greenwald)

-          Ticket to Ride (Larry Kane)

-          Down Under (Glenn A. Baker)

-          The Beatles Forever (Schaffner)

-          An Illustrated Diary (Fulpen)

-          Yesterday and Today (Editors of LIFE)

-          The Complete Beatles Chronicle (Lewisohn)

-          Ticket to Ride (Barry Tashian)

-          The Beatles (Ranson)

-          Tomorrow Never Knows: The Beatles’ Last Concert

-          The Beatles (Alvarez Taylor)

-          The Long and Winding Road

-          A Diary (Barry Miles)

-          The Beatles

-          Beatles (arsEdition)

-          The Beatles (Celsi)

-          Beatlemania

-          The Illustrated Biography

-          Can’t Buy Me Love: The Beatles, Britain and America (Gould)

-          The Beatles On Camera, Off Guard (Hayward)

-          Liddypool (Bedford)

-          One Night Stand in the Heartland

-          John Lennon 1940-1980

-          John Lennon

-          John Lennon BildBiografie

-          A Day In the Life of The Beatles

-          Then There Was Music

-          With The Beatles: The historic photographs of Dezo Hoffmann

-          Wingspan

-          Astrid Kirchherr: A Retrospective

-          Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand

-          The Bravo-Beatles-Blitztournee



George Harrison tribute covers etc.:

- Time

            - Hello!

            - Mojo

            - Rolling Stone

            - Guitar World (2x)

            - London Beatles Fan Club

            - Acoustic Guitar

            - Gold Collectors Series

- Paul McCartney tour programs (2003, 2004, 2009, 2010)

- Bravo Beatles Blitztournee special

- 3 Mojo Special Editions

- Classic, Rare & Unseen (Mojo)

- NME Originals

- Liverpool Echo Comeback Souvenir Special (1995)

- Mersey Beat (Dec. ‘63/Jan. ’64)

- Q Magazine (June ’97) / Paul cover

- 40th anniversary tribute: The Beatles

- John Lennon: A Tribute (People, Dec. 22, 1980)

- The Beatles Christmas Show Souvenir Program

- The Beatles Forever (1980)

- People (June 7, 1976) / Paul cover

- Tear-out photo book

- Spiegel 50th anniversary cover

- Das sind die Beatles (1966)

- Bravo (2 issues – 1966, 1967)

- The Beatles Book Monthly:

            - Aug. 1964 (orig. issue)

            - Aug. 1979 + Nov. 1966 reprint

            - Mar. 1979

            - Feb. 1995

            - Feb. 1997

- Mojo / Beatles covers (Nov. 2002, Sept. 2004, Oct. 2009)

- Uncut (Jul. 2004) / Paul cover

- Rolling Stone (2004) / Beatles cover

- Beatlemania Is Back (1995)

- Yeah! (Nov. 19, 1995)

- Return of The Beatles (1995)

- The Beatles: Anthology of a band (1995)

- LIFE Reunion Special (1995)

- Uncut (Oct. 2005) / John cover

- Mojo Icons

- Sir Paul McCartney Liverpool Echo Special

- Q June 2010 issue / Paul cover

- 50 Jahre Beatles special issue

- Rolling Stone January 2011 issue / John cover

- Life: Remembering John Lennon

- The Beatles 100 Greatest Songs

- various fan club magazines from the ‘90s



-          The Beatles Anthology

-          A Hard Day’s Night

-          Help!

-          The First U.S. Visit

-          Live At Shea Stadium

-          Concert for George

-          A Long and Winding Road

-          The Beatles Unseen

-          The Complete Ed Sullivan Shows

-          Budokan ‘66

-          George Harrison Beautiful Stranger

-          The Dark Horse Years



-          Fun With the Fab Four

-          Around the Beatles

-          A Hard Day’s Night

-          Help!

-          The First U.S. Visit

-          The Beatles Anthology



-          3 large scrapbooks (1995-present)

-          George Harrison scrapbook

-          Paul McCartney tour stickers

-          Limited edition print from 1996, “Blue Sky”

-          The Beatles stamps, Tanzania

-          The Beatles stamps, U.K.

-          Brochure for The Beatles Photographs by Dezo Hoffmann at the Park West Gallery in Southfield, Michigan

-          Orig. 1964 U.S. fan club photo

-          National Trust booklets for Mendips and 20 Forthlin Road

-          Orig. 1964 tea towel

-          Cartoon Beatles beach towel

-          Rubber stamp

-          First U.S. Visit promo stand-up cut-out

-          57 postcards (last count: April 2010)

-          Fake street signs (Abbey Road, Penny Lane)

-          Clock

-          Coaster

-          Mug

-          2 glasses

-          Lunch box

-          Fridge magnets

-          Small Beatles Liverpool tray

-          Handbag

-          Wallet

-          Compact mirror

-          Various plastic bags from e.g. the Beatles Shop in Liverpool, the Beatles Story museum in Liverpool, the Love boutique in Las Vegas

-          Music box (plays “I Want To Hold Your Hand”)

-          Abbey Road carrier bag

-          Pins:

o         I Love… George, Paul, John, Ringo

o         I Still Love The Beatles

o         I Love The Beatles

o         I Needed Help! So I got my Beatles movie ticket! Did you?

o         I’m An Official Beatles Fan

o         2 sets of four small individual pins

o         I’m A Beatlemaniac

o         I’m A Member of the Long Live The Beatles Fan Club

o         Eraser

o         Pocket knife

o         Tin whistle

o         Tie-tack pin

o         Large stand-up

-          Posters:

Beatles ‘65

Yesterday and Forever

Concert for George

Mad Day Out

Beatles for Sale

Art print

1963 pic.

Stage door pic.

Mad Day Out small

A Hard Day’s Night

Let It Be

Paul concert poster (2004)
Paul concert poster (2009)



-          Sweatshirt

-          Tie

-          Suspenders (yeah, I know I’ll never actually need them, but they were Beatley and I had to buy them ;))

-          8 t-shirts (most still from the ‘90s and a lot like tents)

-          8 women’s t-shirts (finally they’re no longer just one size fits all)

-          various Paul tour t-shirts


© Andrea R.

© Andrea R. |