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That Magic Feeling

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No Maybe About It

At least, not when it comes to The Beatles.
Even after years of being a fan, John, Paul, George and Ringo continue to astound me. Here are some of the myriad ways in which these four people amaze me.
- Music that stands the test of time and sounds fresh, innovative and exciting decades after its creation.
- A fascinating history. Just read and watch "The Beatles Anthology" to realize this.
- A roll on the floor, laugh out loud, hilariously dry sense of humor. How often have you read or heard something uttered by a Fab and cracked up?
- Their never-ending ability to laugh at themselves.
- The sheer quality of their musical output. Amazing.
- That shiver up your spine, euphoric feeling when seeing a Beatle live in concert. Those Paul and Ringo shows are some of my best memories... and I can only imagine what it must have been like to see them live as a band.
- Even if you reach a point at which you're sure you've seen each and every Beatles photo out there - more will always emerge. Not that this is a bad thing!
- Hearing a Beatles song, for example on the radio, still puts a big smile on my face. They have the ability to brighten your day.
- There are always little bits in songs that you can (re)discover and adore.
- Any achievements, past and present, make me inexplicably and terribly proud of them as a band and as individuals. Such is the insanity of Beatlemania.

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