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That Magic Feeling

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It's Paul's Birthday!

Celebrating Paul's birthday on June 18th with a list of 18 things to love about Sir Paul!

* * *

1. That singing voice. From ballads to rock, he can pull it all off effortlessly. Check out the contrast between "Yesterday" and "I'm Down".

2. His innovative and pretty much inimitable bass playing. He often gets credit as rock's best bassist.

3. Oh, the charm, the charm. Paul can wrap anyone around his little finger in no time!

4. But you still wouldn't want to mess with him, according to John:

"Paul can be very cynical and much more biting than me when he’s driven to it. Of course, he’s got more patience, but he can carve people up in no time at all, when he’s pushed. He hits the nail on the head and doesn’t beat about the bush, does Paul."

5. His love for Linda. This 1995 quote sums it up nicely: "The bottom line is that we love each other. It sounds corny, but what else can I say?"

6. His cheekiness. Was this some sort of prerequisite to joining The Beatles? ;)

7. His ongoing, endlessly succesful career. One of a kind.

8. The sheer energy and exuberance of his live shows. Paul, Rusty, Brian, Wix and Abe never fail to blow the audience away!

9. How much he talks. Just watch and read "The Beatles Anthology" for prime examples of his talkative nature. ;)

10. Let's be honest here - his looks count, too.

11. His indisputable role as the band's PR pro. The charm came into play, surely; Paul just had a way with the press, fans and public.

12. The Lennon/McCartney songwriting partnership and friendship. The perfect duo.

13. His vegetarianism. He and Linda love(d) animals and support(ed) a vegetarian lifestyle.

14. His (sometimes gigantic) ego... because, really, he's Paul McCartney and he can justifiably get away with it.

15. Wings. Gets it's own listing because they were such a great band.

16. That laugh. Remember that interview at Heathrow Airport after the Beatles arrived home from their first U.S. visit and that moment of Paul's laugh?

17. His sense of style or in some cases, non-style... It's been good, it's been bad, it's been Paul.

18. The entire entity that is James Paul McCartney!