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That Magic Feeling

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Only Love

Or: What I love about the Beatles

You've probably seen something like this on numerous sites out there, so this idea isn't original by any stretch of the imagination... but, of course, the reasons are different, so read on if you wish:
These are - narrowed down, difficult though it may be to keep it short! - personal reasons to love The Beatles.
Because, ask anyone who knows me, I love these four people (too much, some say... It's, er, devotion, not an obsession. ;)). So what makes these four so "fab"?
Let's proceed in the "traditional" order of John, Paul, George & Ringo, before reaching the group reasons, shall we? ;)




- He's John... and was an entirely unique individual! But, as if that were not enough, there are more reasons...

- His humor... Just have a listen to some press conferences. Wit at its best.

- His songs... If it were only that, it would be enough already, wouldn't it? There are so many, so diverse... and there's bound to be at least one any fan loves!

- His books... You have to read them! He was so great with words and word plays.

- The poem "The Fat Budgy"... This remains one of my favorite poems.

- The sniffing Coke scene in A Hard Days Night... It's hilarious, strange though it may be that it always makes me grin when I see it.

- "Bet you can't guess what I was in for!"... And the accompanying laugh - one-of-a-kind.

- John in Help!... A particular favorite: "Get me the Home Office! He's wrecking my home!".

- "I'm Down"... at Shea Stadium. Just watch it.

- John as Thisbe... See the "Fun With the Fab Four" VHS/DVD for this one, because it's hilarious.

- The "This Boy" solo... Definitely a fine musical moment!

- That hat... See 'The Beatle Style' section of this site for a picture. In various incarnations, John seems to have loved this one... In fact, I quite like it myself (have a black one similar to John's ;)).

- "Imagine"... for ringing true across centuries.

- "In My Life"... simply one of t h e  best songs ever written. Period.

- "(Just Like) Starting Over"... For being such a beautiful song.




- He's Paul... What else can I say?

- Those eyes... just look at these pictures!

- His songs... Again, that alone would be enough of a reason to love him. :) Sure, some of them are, well, not so great... but still, the amazing songs are definitely a massive collection - not to mention his talents as a songwriter, singer, musician...

- The ballads vs. the rock'n'roll songs... Versatile!

- That sweater vest seen so frequently in 1967... Yes, it's dorky, but I've grown quite fond of spotting it in so many pictures from that year. ;p

- The Hofner bass... Copied by many, but only Paul can truly pull it off. Plus, the one he still loves to use is the one he once bought in Hamburg...

- Paul & Linda... A German magazine had them on its cover a few years ago as one of the 'couples of the century - a once-in-a-lifetime love story' - what a fitting description.

- The humor... Must have been a Beatles prerequisite!

- Paul in A Hard Day's Night... "What's that supposed to mean?" ;)

- Paul in Help!... Ah, "Help!" - not movie plot excellence, but gorgeous, gorgeous Beatles. ;)

- Paul as Pyramus... "Fun With the Fab Four" yet again. :)

- "Aren't I?"... And the look to go along with it. ;)

- "Helter Skelter"... The Beatles could rock just as "dirty" as anyone.

- "One, two three, fawr!"... What a way to start off a debut album...

- "Beautiful Night"... An absolutely beautiful song.




- He's George!... Okay, so I'm slightly biased here, in that George is my favorite Beatle, but he was such a unique person...

- The dance routine during the closing concert in A Hard Day's Night... Uniquely George!

- "It's a thingie! A fiendish thingie!"... Such a great line! Who else could have delivered it better?

- The songs... once again, this could suffice as all the reason one would need to love him. They are, in a word, astounding.

- The shirt scene in A Hard Day's Night... "An early clue to the new direction". ;)
- That humor!... I could quote hundreds of hilariously witty things he said.

- The Sgt. Pepper hat... Which made George's uniform the coolest, in my humble opinion.
- George in A Hard Day's Night... Hilarious!

- George in Help!... Georgeous, gorgeous, georgeous... erm, I'll stop now. ;)
- The pronounciation of e.g. words with a "g" in them... In fact, nearly anything he said sounded so great... I just love English accents, or rather, especially the way the Beatles spoke/speak. ;)

- Brainwashed, the album... it is brilliant! One of my absolute favorite albums, I love it from start to finish and could listen to it endlessly.

- His beliefs... And I don't just mean India - he did so much for good causes that I'd venture to guess the general public doesn't know about...

- George as Moonshine... "Fun With the Fab Four" yet again. :)
- His slide guitar playing... definitely the best!

- His guitar playing... definitely (one of) the very best (the best, in my opinion).




- He's Ringo... and he's "the greatest"! :)

- He's arguably the best rock 'n roll drummer around... Probably because he drums in such an understated way.

- That humor! He cracks me up.

- "With A Little Help From My Friends"... he may not have written it, but no one can sing it better than he can!

- Ringo in A Hard Day's Night... Okay, so he was hung over in the much praised "lonely by the river" scene, but still - he's a natural!

- Ringo in Help!... A personal favorite would be the self-defense moves when the baddy tries to paint him red the first time. ;)

- Ringo's solo scene in A Hard Day's Night... The one mentioned above, part way...

- The rings, of course... Style, I say. ;)

- Ringo as Lion... "Fun With the Fab Four" again ;)

- Ringo in the Anthology... funny and touching all at once - the final comments at the end of Anthology 8 are so special... plus, all throughout, he's hilarious.

- "The No No Song"... Love it!

- "It Don't Come Easy"... Isn't that the truth?

- His tribute song for George... Because it's so touching.

- "Octopus' Garden"... This is just such a great song!

See All Our Loving, the page featuring reasons to love the whole band!

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