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That Magic Feeling

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Write Away

Scribblings by the webmiss

Not that I'm a writer, or anything, but I tend to be able to express myself better in writing, and often write Beatles-related pieces (or ramble on, whatever term you'd prefer ;)).
These are write-ups I've posted on this site and on my Beatles Tumblr (thateventuality).
So I thought I'd round what I've written up in this section of That Magic Feeling!
* * * *
The significance of The Beatles to me
So often, I've found myself realizing that no words could ever possibly be adequate enough to fully explain why The Beatles - individually and as a band - mean so much to me. Where could I even begin? Not only does that beautiful music give me so much joy and add such depth to my life. Each of them is so mindbogglingly talented, intelligent, fascinating, hilarious, charming, irreverent, influential - now that I've started, where do I stop? I'm just incredibly grateful to have found George, Paul, John and Ringo back in '95 - those four people whom I've never met, but who are such a massive, undeniable influence… and who I'd never want to miss in my life. ♥ Andrea
* *
Ten years without George Harrison

How could I possibly pay tribute to someone I never even met, but who is such a significant influence? Ten years ago this 29 November, we lost George far too soon... thus, it's in tribute of an amazing musician and person that I write this.

To get this out in the open right from the start: I think George was completely brilliant and unbelievably talented. I've adored him since the first time I saw and heard him at the age of eleven. Through the years, that feeling toward George and his music music has increased steadily and been firmly secured. Those beautiful chords, the wise and witty lyrics, that inimitable humor and his entire personality are all highly influential factors in my life. Traveling to India? That was due to George's influence. That's just one of the many ways in which he has touched my life, and continues to do so.

Even the ten years that have gone since George's untimely passing can’t lessen his impact. Ten years ago, my eighteen-year-old heart was filled with grief at the news, even though I'm sure George mastered the "art of dying" magnificently. Ten years – it seems difficult to believe. So much has occurred in that decade, positive and negative. Whatever highs and lows I've encountered, it's always been George's music that has the ability to put a smile on my face, hope in my heart and to open my mind. How could I possibly find the adequate means to express my gratitude? Despite never having met him, he continuously influences me more than words could properly convey.

George once sang "beware of sadness" – and while I try, I hope I'll be forgiven for being sad about a few things. I know, I know – "all things must pass", but that doesn't mean they are forgotten. How could the immense talent and complexity George shared with those willing to listen ever lose its significance? George's music, that astonishing legacy, remains timeless. No matter how many years pass, he will be greatly missed not only by his family and friends, but by his dedicated fans as well. Wherever this life may continue to lead me, I know for sure that I will always respect, admire and adore (who am I kidding - love) George. All that's left for me to say, I suppose, is thank you to George – for his songs, his inspiration, his humor, for being himself… and for the way he and his music continue to touch me.

♥ Andrea

* *

The 50th anniversary of the constellation John, Paul, George and Ringo
It was on 18th August 1962 that The Beatles played their first show with their official new drummer. From then on (and eternally), they were John, Paul, George and Ringo.

In honor of this special occasion, I typed up a letter of sorts…


Dear George, Paul, Ringo and John!

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Ringo’s first appearance as the new drummer… the beginning of the constellation John, Paul, George and Ringo that was set to make history.

Who could have imagined, 50 years ago, that you would still be the greatest band on earth? The most influential? The biggest act rock has ever known? Who would have dared to dream that you would be the best-selling artists of the first decade of the 21st century – and that your songs would still be the ones all others are measured against? That four boys from Liverpool would change everything? 50 years on, there are still legions of fans, old and new, who adore you and to whom you mean the world (myself included).

50 years of incredible music… and of triumphs and tragedies. So many who would undoubtedly have been proud to see this 50th anniversary are no longer with us – your parents, Stu, Brian, Mal, Neil, Derek, Maureen, Linda… John and George. Life is so fleeting, but it’s your music that was, is and always will be timeless and immortal.

As fans celebrate half a century of The Beatles, I’m sure I speak for many when I extend a sincere thank you to the four of you…

for being you

for giving us such joy with your incredible music

for making us smile and laugh

for giving us hope

for inspiring and influencing us

for changing the world

and for so much more than words could ever fully convey

George, Paul, Ringo, John – you are remarkable and your music is an inextricable, irreplaceable part of the world… and my life. Though I’ve said it before, I’ll happily say it again - you will always have a space in my heart.

Lots of love from one of your biggest fans,


* *

In tribute of George Harrison on 29 November 2012

“There was never a time when I did not exist, nor you. Nor will there be any future when we cease to be.” - Sri Krishna, Bhagavad Gita (a favorite quote of George’s)

“What I feel, I can’t say…”

Nearly 18 years ago, my young heart was immediately, unalterably taken with George. 11 years ago, the sad news devastated me.
Although I very obviously never personally knew him, George’s music, as well as his personality, humor, honesty and complexity continue to impact my life. He was a brilliant musician and songwriter, and effectively introduced Indian music to the Western world. His voice has always gone straight to my heart, as cheesy as that may sound. Moreover, in my admittedly biased opinion, George was the greatest guitarist. From the earliest efforts through his solo career, and that awe-inspiring slide guitar, he was absolutely amazing.
He was complex and didn’t claim to be perfect - that’s part of what makes him so enigmatic, genuine - and endearing.
George’s musical legacy remains astonishing and timeless. Each note, each word, is uniquely George… and each has the power to touch us, to make us reflect and contemplate, to bring a smile to our face and make us laugh, to inspire and to comfort us, and to brighten our day… To make us, quite simply, happy. As long as we listen, the songs George gave the world are infinite.
George, I’ll never stop respecting, adoring and missing you - or being incredibly grateful for your existence… and I’ll always have a space in my heart for you. ♥

* *

Reflections on the 30th of November 2001

30th of November, the day, eleven years ago, that I read the news. Having been a Beatles fan for six years at the time, I was stunned…

It was a break between classes and I went online to log onto my e-mail account - when the news blurb made me freeze. The rest of that school day was spent in a daze; all I remember about any of the remaining classes was the history teacher entering and saying to the class, “Do you know who died yesterday? George Harrison, one of The Beatles.”

Somehow, I made my way to the train and home, still shocked. It wasn’t until the news on televison that night aired a tribute that the reality began to sink in and the tears came. The next two days were spent listening to music, reading eulogies, looking at pictures, seeing footage and bursting into tears at regular intervals. Much as I realize that “all things must pass” and “life flows on within you and without you” - hopefully, it’s forgiveable to miss George very much.

It’s essential to celebrate George’s remarkable legacy and life, and the way he never fails to make me smile (often when nothing else can), I must admit that the tears have returned time and time again since 2001. Even at joyous events like Paul’s concerts, I burst into tears without fail each time I see and hear his tribute version of “Something.”

And yet there are little moments that put a smile right back on my face… for instance, when one of George’s songs plays on the radio unexpectedly. Or every time I listen to his music; watch interviews; see that smile…Or each time I think back to the first time I glimpsed The Beatles, and thus George, in “A Hard Day’s Night.” That was back in March 1995, and even now, George still has me as smitten as I was from the very beginning.

What I wrote for the 29th ( and any tribute I put together never seems sufficient to me… All I can repeat, time and time again, is that I’m so grateful for George and his music - for this person I never met, but who continues to inspire me unbelievably. No matter how many years pass, I’ll never, ever stop being smitten, admiring George… and missing him. I can’t imagine how much Olivia, Dhani, all his family and friends must miss George.
Thank you, George, for so much more than I could ever put into words. ♥


In honor of George Harrison's 70th birthday in 2013

Happy 70th birthday to the uniquely talented, complex and remarkable George Harrison!

Dear George,

70 years ago, you were born, and 70 years later, this is a day to send you love and to celebrate all that made you you. Today, as ever, your music will be playing and brightening the world the way only you could. Olivia said it best: “Nothing I can say about George speaks louder than his music.”

George, you are remembered, valued and greatly missed each and every day. But it’s true, “life flows on within you and without you” - so even if you are no longer here in the material world, you go on.

Time and time again, I am so thankful for you and your stunning music; so timeless and astonishing. It is your musical legacy and your unique personality that I so admire and cherish, and that will remain, regardless of how many years pass.

Thank you, George, for continuously inspiring and influencing me, for making me smile, for your honest and grounded self, for reminding me what truly matters in life - and thank you for the wonderful, invaluable gift of your music.

There really isn’t an adequate way to express all I’d like, no matter how much I may write. No words, nothing, could fully convey what you mean to so many; to your family, your friends, and your fans… to me, though I never even met you. So, before this gets any longer, I will close by saying again that I’ll never, ever stop being incredibly grateful for you and your music; for the fact that someone like you was around during at least part of my lifetime. You and your music will forever have an immeasurable influence on me and you will forever be my most significant inspiration. Thank you, George, for everything. I’ll always have a space for you in my heart. ♥

Lots of love,

* * * *

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