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That Magic Feeling

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The 1963 UK Tours

Aside from countless recording sessions, radio and television appearances, interviews and promotional work, The Beatles spent a great deal of time on the road in 1963. Rapidly, they went from supporting acts to closing the second half of shows to pushing the actual bill toppers to second place with their knock-out performances - and by their fourth UK tour in 1963, they were officially the bill toppers themselves.
A brief look at each tour, with gratitude to two invaluable books - The Beatles - A Diary and Beatlemania! The Real Story Of The Beatles UK Tours 1965-1965
* * * *
1st nationwide tour: 2 February 1963 - 3 March 1963 - The Helen Shapiro Tour
Tour dates
2 February Gaumont Cinema, Bradford
5 February Gaumont Cinema, Doncaster
5 February Granada Cinema, Bedford
7 February Regal Cinema, Wakefield
8 February ABC Cinema, Carlisle
9 February Empire Theatre, Sunderland
tour break
23 February Granada Cinema, Mansfield
24 February Coventry Theatre
26 February Gaumont Cinema, Taunton
27 February Rialto Theatre, York
28 February Granada Cinema, Shrewsbury
1 March Odeon Cinema, Southport
2 March City Hall, Sheffield
3 March Gaumont Cinema, Hanley
Set list
Keep Your Hands Off My Baby
A Taste Of Honey
Please Please Me
* *
2nd nationwide tour: 9 March - 31 March 1963 - Roe/Montez tour
Tour dates
9 March Granada Cinema, East Ham
10 March Hippodrome Theatre, Birmingham
12 March Granada Cinema, Bedford
13 March Rialto Theatre, York
14 March Gaumont Cinema, Wolverhampton
15 March Colston Hall, Bristol
16 Marcg City Hall, Sheffield
17 March Embassy Theatre, Peterborough
18 March Regal Cinema, Gloucester
19 March Regal Cinema, Cambridge
20 March ABC Cinema, Romford
21 March ABC Cinema, West Croydon
22 March Gaumont Cinema, Doncaster
23 March City Hall, Newcastle
24 Marh Empire Theatre, Liverpool
26 March Granada Cinema, Mansfield
27 March ABC Cinema, Northampton
28 March ABC Cinema, Exeter
29 March Odeon Cinema, Lewisham
30 March Guildhall, Portsmouth
31 March De Monfort Hall, Leicester
Set list:
Love Me Do
A Taste Of Honey
Do You Want To Know A Secret
Please Please Me
I Saw Her Standing There
* *
3rd nationwide tour: 18 May - 9 June 1963 - The Roy Orbison Tour
Tour dates
18 May Adelphi Cinema, Slough
19 May Gaumont Cinema, Hanley
20 May Gaumont Cinema, Southampton
22 May Gaumont Cinema, Ipswich
23 May Odeon Cinema, Nottingham
24 May Granada Cinema, Walthamstow
25 May City Hall, Sheffield
26 May Empire Theatre, Liverpool
27 May Cardiff Capitol
28 May Gaumont Cinema, Worcester
29 May Rialto Theatre, York
30 May Odeon Cinema, Manchester
31 May Granada Cinema, Southend
1 June Granada Cinema, Tooting
2 June Hippodrome, Brighton
3 June Granada cinema, Woolwich
4 June Town Hall, Birmingham
5 June Odeon Cinema, Leeds
7 June Odeon Cinema, Glasgow
8 June City Hall, Newcastle
9 June King George's Hall, Blackburn
Set list:
Some Other Guy
Do You Want To Know A Secret
Love Me Di
From Me To You
Please Please Me
I Saw Her Standing There
Twist and Shout
* *
6 night summer season in Bournemouth, from 19 August - 24 August 1963
- On 22 August, presumably, at the Palace Court Hotel, Robert Freeman took the now-iconic photo of the half-shadowed Beatles which was to grace the cover of their second album "With The Beatles."
- While George was ill in bed with a heavy cold at the hotel, he wrote his first song: "Don't Bother Me."
* *
4th nationwide tour: 1 November - 13 December 1963 - The Beatles' Autumn Tour
Tour dates:
1 November Odeon Cinema, Cheltenham
2 November City Hall, Sheffield
3 November Odeon Cinema, Leeds
5 November Adelphi Cinema, Slough
6 November ABC Cinema, Northampton
7 November Adelphi Cinema, Dublin
8 November Ritz Cinema, Belfast
9 November Granda Cnema, East Ham
10 November Hippodrome, Birmingham
13 November ABC Cinema, Plymouth
14 November ABC Cinema, Exeter
15 November Colston Hall, Bristol
16 November Winter Gardens Theatre, Bournemouth
17 November Coventry Theatre
19 November Gaumont Cinema, Wolverhampton
20 November ABC Cinema, Manchester
21 November ABC Cinema, Carlisle
22 November Globe Cinema, Stockton-on-Tees
23 November City Hall, Newcastle
26 November Regal Cinema, Cambridge
27 November Rialto Theatre, York
28 November ABC Cinema, Lincoln
29 November ABC Cinema, Huddersfield
30 November Empire Theatre, Sunderland
1 December De Monfort Hall, Leicester
3 December Guildhall, Portsmouth (postponed from 12 November)
7 December Odeon Cinema, Liverpool
8 December Odeon Cinema, Lewisham
9 December Odeon Cinema, Southend
10 December Gaumont Cinema, Doncaster
11 December Futurist Theatre, Scarborough
12 December Odeon Cinema, Nottingham
13 December Gaumont Cinema, Southport
Set list:
I Saw Her Standing There
From Me TO You
All My Loving
You Really Got A Hold On Me
Roll Over Beethoven
Till There Was You
She Loves You
Money (That's What I Want)
Twist and Shout
* *
The Beatles' Christmas Show, at the Astoria Cinema, Finsbury Park, London from 24 December 1963 - 11 January 1964
Set list:
Roll Over Beethoven
All My Loving
This Boy
I Wanna Be Your Man
She Loves You
Till There Was You
I Want To Hold Your Hand
Money (That's What I Want)
Twist and Shout

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