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That Magic Feeling

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The Beatles and their pets

The Beatles, as you'll know, had various pets over the years and clearly loved animals. So here's an overview of what I've read in various books concerning the pets of John, Paul, George and Ringo and their pets...
John: various cats named Tim, Mimi, Elvis, Salt, Pepper and Pyramus
Paul: Martha (of course), as well as cats, called Thisbe, and a litter he named Jesus, Mary and Joseph (apparently, "Jesus ran off, Joseph stuck around for a long time and Mary had kittens.")
Not really a pet, but Paul also bought a race horse called Drake's Drum for his father's birthday in 1964.
George: cats named Corky, Rupert and Josstick; and later a dog named Winston (he's on that photo of George and Dhani in '97, to be found in the Living in the Material World book).
Ringo: a poodle named Tiger; currently, he & Barbara have a dog named Buster.