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That Magic Feeling

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...The Beatles

In 2004, Christie’s was auctioning off surveys filled out by The Beatles in 1963. Here’s what an internet search brought up, at the BeatleLinks archive: some really hilarious and quite poignant responses. :)

The auction lot: “Three rare unpublished six-page questionnaires completed by Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, one with occasional annotations by John Lennon, in circa 1963, each comprising 78 questions, the majority of these answered by McCartney and Starr, Harrison however only completing four of the six pages, the documents providing a fascinating insight into the connections between the three Beatles, their manager, their interests, tastes, humour, ambitions, family relationships, and their musical influences:"

Paul McCartney’s form completed in his hand in blue ink and ballpoint pen, Paul giving the most detailed answers of the three, and ‘assisted’ on three responses by John Lennon — McCartney describes the location of his first meeting with the other Beatles: John at Woolton Church Fete. George at School. Ringo (in Hamburg); he gives his initial impression of the other Beatles as: John (good singer), George (could play Raunchy), Ringo - fab drummer; only Paul proffered an anecdote about another Beatle recalling: Hitch-hiking with George - didn’t eat for 28 hours once, used to cook tins spaghetti on primus by roadside. Slept on beach in Taunton and in football stand in Wales. Taught George G7 - first guitar chord; he describes his favourite off-stage hobby as: Songs and bird watching; and the worst moment of his professional career: whenever mikes or amplifiers go off…; his ambitions other than music as: Money…; his main extravangances as: little things - clothes and food..; in response to questions regarding his home life, he gives his parent’s view of his stardom as: My Dad likes it, but thinks we’re away a bit too much; and when asked if his family encouraged him in music?: Yes. not half; How?: suffered my practising for years.; and what else they would have liked him to have been: Clever; in answer to questions regarding the type of music he listens to, his favourite singers, composers and groups he responds: American records; rhythm & blues. Chuck Jackson. Miracles, Little Richard etc…Ketty Lester, Juliette Greco + Dinah Washington, Margie Hendrickson…Goffin King, Luther Dixon, Leonard Bernstein, Miracles, Shirelles, Rolling Stones…; McCartney’s response to the question regarding the biggest musical influence on his own career is initially completed in Lennon’s hand in blue ink: John and why?: He’s Great McCartney scored out Lennon’s confident answers replacing John’s name with: Dad adding: (he [Lennon] put that himself); as to a question about his future career if music was out, again McCartney crosses out Lennon’s hand-written response: John and replaces it with: Tramp; Paul describes his chief music ambition: be successful etc…; and the way the hit records have affected him most as: made me feel happy got more money too; he names his best friends in show business as: Group. Gerry ; and finally his appreciative words regarding Brian Epstein are: …good manager: astute, sympathetic, good lad, dad!

George Harrison’s form, largely completed in blue ballpoint pen, describes his first meeting with the other Beatles in detail: Met Paul first, on the bus home from school 8 years ago. Met John 1 year later in the chip shop by school. Met Ringo in ‘Kaiserkeller’ Club. Hamburg; and continues with his first impression of two of them: John ‘He doesn’t get his haircut too!’ Paul ‘Fat and friendly’. George’s answer to his first impression of Starr completed in Ringo’s hand in black ballpoint: Looked moody but found he was quite different once I got to know him..; George describes his favourite off-stage hobby as: Music (Records and Playing Guitar); and his main extravagances as: Clothes - Records; Harrison gives his response to the question - Anything you want to buy? as: Big House; George largely gives brief answers to questions about his homelife as follows — How do parents view your stardom?: Pleased; Did they encourage you in music?: Yes; How?: By not complaining at my first attempts; What else would they like you to have been?: Pope…;

Ringo Starr’s form completed in blue and black ballpoint pen, Starr’s recollection of the location of his first meeting with the other Beatles differs to that of George and Paul, his response being: At a club called Jackaranda..; he describes his first impressions of the other Beatles as: None except that all good musicians; Starr gives his favourite off-stage hobby as: Playing records, going to pictures, driving; and describes the worst moment of his professional career as: First stage show at Empire L/pool when the tabs opened I was still setting up..; Ringo describes his main extravagances as: Clothes; and like George adds that he’d like to buy a: Big house; Starr, like McCartney and Harrison gives a positive response to the question regarding his parents’ view of his stardom and their encouragement of his career - when asked what other career path they would have like for him he responds: Ladies hairdresser; Ringo decribes his preferred choice of music, singers, composers: R-B, C.W. [country & western] …Chuck Jackson, Brook Benton..Diana Washington, Della Reese, Patsy Cline.. and Lennon McCartney, Goffin King, Dixon-Farrell..; he describes his chief ambition muscially as: To play everything with either left or right hand..; and gives a poignantly honest answer to the question regarding the affect his hit records have had on his life: Mother has worked all her life - doesn’t have to work anymore.; Starr is the only one of the three who responds to the question - What do you like best about stardom? writing: Feel independent - can go where you like when time permits; he describes the Rest of Beatles. as his best friends in show business; and finally gives a magnanimous tribute to Epstein writing: Without Brian none of us would have had some of the wonderful chances which his management has opened for us…

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