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That Magic Feeling

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Site map

What? Where?

Where to go...

Where is what on this little site? Well, if you're confused, here's the page for you! This is a site map of a different kind - it's got actual streets and locations that correspond with sections of this site. So grab a ticket to ride and enjoy the magical mystery tour (sorry for the song-filled blabbing ;)).


Destination: Baker Street
Just what it says - Beatle-y photos for your viewing pleasure!

Destination: Marylebone Station
More fab Beatles photos.

The Beatles in Hamburg

Destination: Grosse Freiheit
This features information, pictures and quotes about the Beatles in Hamburg - from the early days, to the 1966 tour, to later solo visits (Currently still under construction - more coming in summer!)

In Memory of George

Destination: Blue Jay Way
My little tribute to George.

In memory of John

Destination: Strawberry Field
My little tribute to John.

Chatting on...

Destination: Savile Row
Chat transcripts of online chats with George and Dhani.

The Beatle Style

Destination: Green Street
A look at the Beatles' fashion during the Sixties.

Looking Back

Destination: Penny Lane
Some articles from the '60s and the '90s, plus some original '60s pictures.


Destination: Argyll Street
A closer look at Beatlemania - instances and pictures.

Record breaking

Destination: Piccadilly
A list of the many record-breaking feats of the Beatles.

Destination: Hamilton Place
What is says - cliques and things I've joined.

Destination: New Bond Street
More cliques and things.

Dedicated to...

Destination: Boston Place
Site dedications.


Destination: Euston Road
Site disclaimer.

"Is it... habit-forming?"

Destination: Guilford Street
A look at the addiction that is more commonly known as The Beatles ;).

Destination: Clarendon Road
About me, the girl behind this crazy site

Love *Them* All The Time

Destination: Heathfield Street
Some personal thoughts on The Beatles.

Only Love

Destination: Charlotte Street
What I love about The Beatles ;).

Ticket to... England

Destination: Manchester Square
Travel log and some pictures of my London '97 vacation.

The Beatles &...

Destination: Blandford Street
Connections between The Beatles and a German rock band.


Destination: Abbey Road
Thank you's and credits.


Destination: Bluebell Wood
What is says - links.

Link This Site

Destination: Thornbury Playing Fields
Won't you please, please link my site? Some banners can be found here.

Destination: Hyde Park
Closing thought-provoking lyric.


What's in planning for this little site.

So where are these streets/places really and what is their significance?

~ 94 Baker St.: Site of the infamous Apple Shop/Boutique.

~ Marylebone Station: Site of the beginning of the film 'A Hard Day's Night', prior to boarding the train and waving to the fans.

~ Grosse Freiheit: Part of the notorious red light district of Hamburg, Germany, this is where the Beatles stayed and played, in such clubs as the Top Ten.

~ Blue Jay Way: 'Blue Jay Way', naturally.

~ Strawberry Field: 'Strawberry Fields Forever', of course :)

~ 3 Savile Row: Apple Corps headquarters for a while during the late '60s.

~ 57 Green St.: The exact location being Flat L, 4th floor, this is where the Beatles lived at one point.

~ Penny Lane: Immortalized by the Beatles song of the same name.

~ 7-8 Argyll St.: The location of the London Palladium, where the Beatles played for the show 'Sunday Night At the Palladium' in October 1963. Fan events during that concert caused the press to coin the term Beatlemania.

~ 3 Piccadilly: Site of the London Pavilion, which is where the Beatles' movies premiered, each time causing traffic to stop and chaos to ensue due to throngs of fans.

~ 5 Hamilton Place: Site of the club scene in the film 'A Hard Day's Night' and the 'Le Circle Club' scenes ("...I don't know, he looks quite clean to me.")

~ 165-9 New Bond St.: 'Next: The nearest ring specialist' in the film 'Help!'

~ Boston Place: Site of the opening scene in the film 'A Hard Day's Night', with John, George and Ringo running from fans.

~ Euston Rd.: Site of photography for e.g. the 'Twist and Shout' EP cover (the Beatles jumping).

~ Guilford St.: Site of the 'walking' photo since used countless times as a promo picture.

~ 83 Clarendon Rd.: 'Rescuing' Ringo from the police in 'A Hard Day's Night' and the subsequent chase scene.

~ Heathfield St.: The 'dead-end' scene in 'A Hard Day's Night'.

~ 58 Charlotte St.: Location of e.g. the 'A Hard Day's Night' closing concert.

~ 20 Manchester Sq.: Location of e.g. the photosessions for the "Please Please Me" album cover.

~ 4-6 Blandford St.: 'Seeking enlightenment as to rings they approach the nearest oriental'; this is the location of that restaurant (which was never actually called the Rajahama).

~ Abbey Road: This is where Abbey Road Studios are and where the famous Abbey Road cover photo session took place.

~ Bluebell Wood: 'Intermission' site in 'Help!'.

~ Thornbury Playing Fields: "Sorry if we hurt your field, mister."

~ Hyde Park: Site of e.g. the 'Beatles For Sale' front and back cover photo session.