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Ticket to... England

London & Liverpool: Summer of 1997

This is a little write-up from waaaaay back when I was able to travel to London (and Liverpool) for the first time. To say I was ecstatic to be going there wouldn't be far off the mark at all.

In fact, I'd still rate it as one of my all-time favorite vacations - not just because it was all Beatles, 24 hours a day for me while I was there. It also made me discover the exciting, unique and amazing city of London... but that's another story.

So, here, now, are the experiences I had in 1997...


When: July 17, 1997 - July 21, 1997

Travel log... (Keep in mind I had just turned fourteen years old at the time. ;))

London, July 17, 1997

Arrived in the UK! Staying near Marble Arch/Oxford Street - this city is so exciting! The first souvenir store I stopped by had tons of Beatles stuff. I'm going to be spending all the money I got for birthday on this stuff alone. ;) Got a nice "Do not disturb - it's been a hard day's night" sign for the door. Stopped by the London Palladium.

London, July 18, 1997

St. John's Wood was the destination today - Abbey Road, Abbey Road Studios and Paul's house in Cavendish Avenue. A bit rainy - but the weather's supposed to get better. Luckily brought a water-proof marker along and wrote on the studio wall - that thing's just covered in writing, as is the Abbey Road street sign and the benches across from the studios. Crossed THE cross-walk - wow!
There was a light on in Paul's house - hmmm! ;)
People sure know Beatles fans around there - one guy asked if we were looking for Abbey Road Studios when we were walking along Cavendish Ave. and another guy laughed when he passed us - am I that obvious? ;) Stopped by MPL and Harrods.

London, July 19, 1997

Saw a lot of downtown London today. Stopped by the London Pavillion and Tower Records (and got three Beatles books, a video and CD... birthday money's running low!)

London, July 20, 1997

Back from... Liverpool! People say it's not a very nice-looking city, but I thought it was really great. (Not just because of the Beatles!) Got there late due to the train being delayed. The tourist information center told us we had half an hour until the Beatles Shop in Mathew Street closed - yikes! So guess who went running through a park and a bunch of Liverpool streets? At least we got there in time and I found some newspapers and a two fan magazines from 1964 and 1966! Went to the Beatles Story museum - love it! That would be a great place to work at - Beatles music and Beatles stuff all day long ;).

London, July 21, 1997

Last day here. Took a city tour and saw all the regular tourist sites. Saw a pub named "The George". ;). Very sunny and warm weather. Also stopped by Abbey Road again (seems like St. John's Wood has turned into my favorite place).
This has been one amazing trip! I've got to come back soon!


Well, I've since been back in London several times and each time, I have to go to Abbey Road Studios and St John's Wood - one of my favorite places in the world, actually. A trip to London's just not complete without Abbey Road for me, insane though it may seem. 

Of course, it's important to note that the city of London is expensive. Very expensive. Astronomically expensive, in fact - which is why even spending a day and a half there (as is the upper limit for me, once in a blue moon) costs a fortune... However, should you visit London, you've got to grab a sandwich at Pret-a-Manger (delicious, trust me)...

Also, be sure to have a look at what I'd rate as my favorite spots in the city... they're all located in St John's Wood:

- Abbey Road Studios. For obvious reasons. Remember to bring along a marker fo all surfaces so you can leave a message on the wall (something I also have to do each time I'm there ;)).

- The crosswalk at Abbey Road. Okay, it's the obvious tourist thing to do - walk across it and have your picture taken while doing so... but it's still fun to sort of be in the Beatles' footsteps, so to speak. ;)

- St John's Wood High Street. Well, admittedly, it's not a Beatle site but this main street of St John's Wood is just so... English. I love it! ;)

- 7 Cavendish Avenue. Paul's certainly got a very nice house not too far from Abbey Road... Unlike fans in the Sixties, I've however never seen him arriving or leaving from here. ;)

Abbey Road Studios

Hmmm... looks familiar...

Beatles at Abbey Road Studios

Well, "So it famous is".

Crossing what's probably one of the most famous crossings in the world.

Love this wall!

This is at the side of the entrance to "The Beatles Shop" in Mathew Street - sort of makes me want to decorate my bedroom door in a similar fashion. ;)

Stay tuned for some more photos from recent trips to both London and Liverpool!

Although I have no idea why anyone would want these photos, please note that they are copyright Andrea (anothergirl83 {at}, 1997.