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That Magic Feeling

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Letters and Postcards

Here are some excerpts or drafts of letters which were sent by the Beatles, or by others about the Beatles, to and/or from Hamburg.
They are copyright their respective owners.
More to come!

Letter by Paul to Peter Eckhorn

Dear Peter,

We have had no word from the Aliens police about our returning to Germany. Peter Best says that when you were in Liverpool you told him that we could go back to Germany.

We must first have written permission from the Aliens police before we can return or else Koschmider may tell the police and we will all be in jail.

Herr Knopp of Aliens police has not written and so we do not know whether we may return. Maybe the police will forbid it.

Please try to let us know if we are coming back, for we will come only when we have permission on paper from the German police.

We all hope to see you in April.

Yours faithfully Paul McCartney


Letter by Stu


Dear Peter,

Don't be surprised at this funny green letter, everything has worked out fine, Paul will ring you or you ring Paul as soon as you have this. Best of luck,


One thing I forgot to tell Paul, and that is that you both must pay Peter Eyckorn 79 DM (each) this [is] the cost of sending you home.

The lifting of the deportation ban is only valid for 1 year then you can have it renewed. The thing they made clear, if you have any trouble with the police, no matter how small, then you've had it forever. (Drunkeness, fighting, women etc).

Bye bye



Excerpt from a letter George wrote to Stu (who was in Hamburg at the time) from Liverpool on December 16, 1960

Can't you come home sooner – if we get a new bass player it will be crummy and it's no good with Paul playing bass.


Excerpts from a letter written by Stu to his sister in January 1962

Also I'm waiting for my suit to be finished black in beautiful material with green lining - we were going to have red - too bright and too unsophisticated - blue - too cold so green it is - so - four buttons single breasted - beautiful waistcoat... trousers without pockets. Very tight and high like a Spanish bullfighter. The one Astrid was making for me... is corduroy... but the jacket's different buttons all the way up the front and a collar like a vicar - very different...


Letter from Brian Epstein to Manfred Weissleder

31st October 1962

Dear Manfred,

Thought I'd write you a note to confirm that I will be over in Hamburg next Sunday or Monday but I will send you a telegram to advise you of the time I arrive at the airport. Just to clarify my remarks on the phone this morning in connection with THE BEATLES I would mention again that I'm anxious that they perform their act as a foursome and that they are not joined by other artistes without my expressed permission.

Please do not think that they boys or myself have anything against any of your artistes. My reason for asking this is that I do not want them to return to this country and have to readjust themselves to their usual act. As they have several very important appearances when they return I am anxious that they should work hard on their act whilst they're away in Germany.

I really hope that they are a big success (I know that they are very popular in Germany because of the many letters and messages which we have received) and that all goes well. In the meantime I will look forward to meeting you next week.

Yours sincerely,

Brian Epstein.

P.S. I'm trying to arrange with the recording Company in this country for the release of THE BEATLES record in Germany. I'm sure that there would be a good sale for it.


Notice of George's deportation


November 1st, 1960


I the undersigned, hereby give notice to Mr. GEORGE HARRISON and to BEATLES' BAND to leave on November 30th 1960.

The notice is given to the above by order of the Public Authorities who have discovered that Mr. GEORGE HARRISON is only 17 (seventeen) years of age.

[Signed by Bruno Koschmider]


Excerpt from a letter by Paul to the Aliens Police

Dear Herr Knopp,

As you will know, my friend (Peter Best, of the Beatles Band) and I were deported on Monday, 5th, December, and told that should we want to return to Germany we should appeal to the Aliens Police within a month.

We were both shocked to hear that because of a stupidly childish trick of ours we would never be allowed into the Country again.


Statement by Pete to the German authorities


At about 1.30 a.m. on Saturday morning, the Beatles band gave notice to Herr Koschmider, who then became very annoyed when we all refused to sign a piece of paper which stated that we would not play anywhere else in Hamburg in the month of December. On top of this, he then refused to give us our fare back to England and also our wages for the four days we had played. (wages about 120 DM. fare to England about 120 DM.)

However, this interview finished very abruptly when Herr Koschmider refused to talk to us anymore and told us to leave his office. Of course we were not in the least bit angry and we thought only of our new job at the Top Ten Club, which is owned by Peter Eckhorn. After leaving the Kaiserkeller we went to eat, and then returned to our rooms in the Bambi Kino which is Herr Koschmider's property.

We then commenced to pack our suitcases and in the midst of thie packing, my associate (McCartney) found a damp box of matches lying amongst his belongings. He then went into the corridor to try the matches and it was then that I (Best) followed and took some of the matches and lit them.

We found a piece of cord or tape nailed to the wall (this was a large stone wall and it was damp also), and in our moment of stupidity we set the cord alight in several places - however, upon seeing the dense smoke, we immediately put out the small flames and when we were quite positive that everything was uner control and back to normal, we returned to our room and went to sleep.

As well as this, we must both make it clear that we had not the slightest intention of burning the cinema down or of even damaging some of Her Koschmider's property - there was no reason at all for the burning and we realise that it was nothing but a stupid boyish prank. We know that we had to be punished for this silly trick, but under no circumstances did we ever imagine that this minor offence would lead to our deportation from Germany. We admit out guilt but fail to see how it can called an act of "gross misconcuct".

As well as thus, neither of us are big beer or alcohol drinkers and so we cannot be blamed for being under the influence of drink or being drunk and disorderly.

We also have no reason, which we believe is the cause of Herr Koschmider getting us deported. He knew of our moving to the Top Ten Club on the Reeperbahn, and he also realised that this would not be good for his business. (As a matter of fact, the one night we played at the Top Ten Club it made twice as much money, and Koschmider's club, The Kaiserkeller" was empty) We, therefore, belueve he enlarged on this minor offence and turned it into an offence for which we could be deported - thus saving his own business from losing further money.



Letter from John to Cyn in April 1962

Star Club
39 Grosse Frieher
Actona Hamburg

Dear Cyn,
I love love love you and I'm missing you like mad. I wonder why all the newspapers wrote about Stu' - especially the 'People' - and how the hell did they find out, who could have told them, as I wrote that I suddenly remembered there's a fellow at the 'Jacaranda' who's a freelance journalist. It could have been him because Allan Williams has been helping Mrs. Stutcliffe or something. I haven't seen Astrid since the day we arrived. I've thought of going to see her but I would be so awkward - and probably the others would come as well and it would be even worse. I won't write any more about it 'cause it's not much fun. I love you - I don't like the idea of Dot moving in permanently with you 'cause we could never be alone really - I mean when I come home - can't she have the other room or find another flat - imagine having her there all the time when we were in bed - and imagine Paul coming all the time - and especially when I wasn't there. I'd hate the idea. I love you Cyn.

The club is massive and we only play 3 hrs one night and 4 the next - and we play an hour - then an hour break so it doesn't seem long at all really. The boss of this place is a good skin - we're off tomorrow 'cause it's Good Friday and they can't have music so the boss - (Manfred) is taking us and the other group out for the day in his car and all the rest of them like Horst are coming, so it will be a big mob in our 5 cars. We're going somewhere healthy like the Osr Sea (Stuart again)

God, I'm knackered its 6 o'clock in the morning and I want you. (I've just found out that there's no post tomorrow so I will pack in good night. I love you boo! hoo! I hate this place).

That was Thursday night now its Sunday afternoon, I've just wakened up and there no post tomorrow (Easter Monday I think) anyway happy Easter Cyn. I love you. We went out, but all we did was eat and eat and eat (Good Friday) it was all free so it was okay. We drove somewhere about 80 miles away and ate.

My voice has been gone since I got here (it was gone before I came if I remember rightly). I can't seem to find it - ah well! I love you Cyn Powell and I wish I was on the way to your flat with the Sunday papers and cherries and a throbber! Oh Yes! I forgot to tell you I've got a GEAR suede overcoat with a belt so I'll look just like you now! Paul's leaping about on my head (he's in a bunk on top of me and he's snoring!) I can hardly get in a position to write its so cramped below stairs captain, Shuttup McCartney! grunt grunt.

I can't wait to see your new room it will be great seeing it for the
first time and having chips and all and a ciggie (don't let me come home to a regular smoker please Miss Powell) Hmm I can just see YOU and Dot puffing away I suppose that's the least of my worries. I love you cyn I miss miss miss you miss Powell - I keep remembering all the parts of Hamburg that we went to together. In fact I can't get away from you - especially on the Way, and inside the Seaman, boo! hoo! I love love love you. X

Did I tell you that we have a good bathroom with a shower, did I? Did I tell you? Well, I've had ONE whole shower aren't I a clean little raker? hee! hee! I love you I haven't written to Mimi yet but I know how to send her money so it gets there in 2 hrs. XXX

I can't think what to write now so I will pack in and write some
tomorrow seeing as how like I can't POST it anyway so good afternoon Cyn I love you. Will you send me the words to "A SHOT OF RHYTHM AND BLUES" Please? There's not many.

It's Monday night and we finished playing about 3/4 hrs ago (its 2
o'clock). I'm dead beat my sweet, so I hope you won't mind if I finish now and have lovely sleep (without you but it'll still be lovely - don't be hurt - but I'm so, so tired). I love you Cyn - I hope you realise why this letter took so long lovey but there has been no post Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon - and this one will go by the early morning Tuesday post 'cause I will nip downstairs and post it any minute (handy isn't it?) I love you, I love you please wait for me and don't be sad and work hard and be a clever little Cyn Powell. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, write soon ooh its a naughty old Hamburg we're living in!!

All my Love for Ever and ever
from John

P.S. They're leather PANTIES not pants (just in case y'know!)



Letter from George to friend Arthur Kelly during the first Hamburg stay in 1960, found via the website

George's letter from 1960

A letter from George, in Hamburg at the time, to fan Susan Houghton, with tongue-in-cheek instructions on how to wash his car, 1962... found via

Dear Susan,

I hope you had a good chrimbo, and have a happy nuclear ☮ too. Thank you for giving my mum flowers and chocs. [It was you wasn't it??] Thanks also for the card, in fact THANKS A HEAP SUSAN. "Your too kind" John Lennon

Instructions for washing car:-

1/. Use plenty of soapy clean water, preferably warm.

2/. When car is [though it may take a lot of water]- clean, leave to dry off for about 20 minutes. [You can have a cup of tea now].

3/ Now ask mother to find some dusters, [2 each] and with the polish, apply with no.1 duster over an area of about 1 sq foot at a time, in a circular motion. Don't leave it too long before polishing off. This should be carried out until the car is spotless, and gleaming clean. [Don't forget the wheels!]

4/. Take 1 brush or vacuum cleaner, and have a bash at the carpets. They too can be made to look like new.

5/. The windows [interior] should be polished now, after which you can retire for another tea.

6/. Before returning home, I suggest you look over the car again, for any parts you may have missed out, on finding, they should be cleaned accordingly.

7/. Now proceed to 20 Forthlin RD. with about 6 buckets full of dirty muddy greasey water, where a shiney Ford Classic will be seen. Spread contents of the buckets evenly, so as to leave a nice film of muck over the car. You can now return home knowing you have done your deed for the day. Thank you!!!

Thanks again for the cheerio for now don't forget Ban the Bog.

Love from George [Harrison] xxxxxx
* * *
Letter from Stuart to his mother, dated 2 December 1960 (source: Liddypool by David Bedford, p 133):
Dear Mum,
Just recently I have found the most wonderful friends, the most beautiful looking trio I have ever seen. I was completely captivated by their charm. The girl thought I was the most handsome of the lot. Here was I, feeling the most insipid working member of the group, being told how much superior I looked - this alongside the great Romeo John Lennon and his two stalwarts Paul and George, The Casanovas of Hamburg. We have improved a thousand fold since our arrival and Allan Williams, who is here at the moment, tells us that there is no band in Liverpool to touch us.
We finished the Kaiserkeller last week. The police intervened because we had no work permits. Paul and Peter the drummer were deported yesterday and sent in handcuffs to the airport. I was innocent this time, accused of arson - that is, setting fire to the Kino where we sleep. I arrive at the club and am informed that the whole of the Hamburg police are looking for me. The rest of the band are already locked up, so smiling on the arm of Astrid, I proceed to give myself up. At this time, I'm not aware of the charges. All my belongings, including my spectacles, are taken away and I'm led to a cell, where, without food or drink I sat for six hours on a very wooden bench, and the door shut very tight. I signed a confession in Deutsch that I knew nothing about a fire, and they let me go. The next day Paul and Pete were deported and sent home by plane, John and I were without money and job.
The police had forbidden us to work, as already we were liable to deportation for working there months in the country illegally. The next day, John went home. I stay till January at Astrid's house. At the moment she's washing all my muck and filth collected over the last few months. God I love her so much. One thing I'm sure about since I've been here, I hate brutality. There is so much in this area. Last night I heard that John and Paul have gone to Paris to play together - in other words, the band has broken up. It sounds mad to me; I don't believe it.
* * *
Paul writing from the Top Ten Club in Hamburg, found in the German book "Beatlemania", p 21:
4 Hamburg Altona
Thursday 4th
Dear Dot + Margie,
As you see we got your letter. Thanks for writing.
We're enjoying our selves out here, but the food's a bit funny, but it's OK once you get used to it.
Stu's not married yet, but he may get married in June - in the British Consul. Anyway, I'll tell him you've sent him congratulations etc...
Have you still got good sweaters with BEATLES written on them? I bet you don't wear them still.
The other night, one of Germany's biggest rock + roll stars came into the club (He's as well-known here as Cliff is in England) Tommy Kent's his name, and he said we were the best group he'd ever heard. Hope he meant it.
We've had offers to go to Spain and Austria, but we don't know if we're going yet. We'll probably get too homesick + go back to Liverpool.
Thanks again for writing.
Best wishes - Paul (Beatles.)
* * *
Postcard from George to Mrs. Caldwell, mother of Rory Storm and Iris (who was apparently George's first girlfriend and dated Paul for a while later on as well), 1962:
Darling Vi,
We are all missing you so much, you will never know. To caress your teeth once more would be just heaven, also to hold your lungs in mine and drink T.B. John sends you all his lunch also Paul and Ringworm greet too! As I write this card we are being surrounded by large black negroes happy of heart and brown of complexion. It's not much very now fun here but only 1 week to go now so it's not so bad now. Have the kettle on on Sunday 18th. Cheerio love from George x and friends xxxxx
* * *

More to come, in due course.