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That Magic Feeling

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JUNE 1966 - Bravo-Beatles-Blitztournee in the news
Advertisement in a newspaper:
Will exchange 2 Beatles tickets (4th row) for car in good condition...

From BILD on 27th of June, 1966:

After Beatles Show in Hamburg

From the Hamburger Abendblatt on 27th of June:

Rowdies at the edge of the Beatles show

From the Hamburger Abendblatt on 27th of June, 1966:

Beatles fly on to Tokyo

Hamburg this morning: Girl kisses seat in Beatles-car
This is from a tabloid, so the truth factor of this might not be all to high... but this probably wouldn't be the craziest thing to happen during Beatlemania.

They screamed - They cried - They fainted


This Sunday belonged to the Beatles
This is from a local Hamburg newspaper, "Hamburger Abendblatt", dated June 27, 1966:

'The Beatles were here. In Hamburg, the city were it all started. This afternoon, at 4.05 pm, they leave for Tokyo. In Hamburg they leave behind: swooning teenagers, exhausted policemen, broken windows, angry or confused adults, satisfied concert organizers. 117 teen hooligans were arrested, eleven of those were already in court this morning. The damage made is considerable, but covered through insurance.

"We would like to go to the Star-Club, but we didn't get a chance to", said Beatle Paul yesterday at a press conference. Outside, so-called Beatle-Fans decided to have a street fight with the police. But that's over now, we've made it through and once one sleeps over it, everything looks better anyway.

The stars of the Beatles concert were - Peter & Gordon. At least for those concert-goers, who went to the event with the bizarre idea of actually hearing the music.

One has to say it clearly: what the Beatles and Co. produce, is music. New music, which cannot be compared to anything else and found its personification in the Beatles.

The noise - that was made by the fans. Unfortunately, this noise was often times louder than the music. But, once it was quiet in the hall - when Paul McCartney sang 'Yesterday'. All that was heard then was girls sobbing.

And now we've reached something that continues to baffle adults: the hysteria, ecstasy - what else can you call it? - of the teenagers. It's not actually that hard to understand. These young people can't control themselves like adults can. Said a mother, who went to the concert with her daughter: "When I see a couple getting married, I always cry too." That's it.

... [This part talks about what the girls in the audience were wearing and how the German Beatle-like band The Rattles performed]...

Then Charlie Hickmann called for a break, in order to rearrange the stage. He tried his best to keep the crowd in their seats. The excitement grew from minute to minute.

4.27 pm: Paul and George run onstage - and with that, almost the entire crowd is on their feet, standing on their chairs. "It's wonderful here in Hamburg", said Paul in German. The girls scream. Collien senior and junior walk down the aisles, attempting to get people back in their seats.

'Day Tripper' is drowned out in amazing screaming. One girl nervously jumps up and down in her chair, waving a rose and calling "Paul!". But Paul is too busy, he has to sing. Only fragments of 'Nowhere Man' are heard over the shouting. 'Paperback Writer' is heard even less. People are clapping along with the song.

A half hour of the Beatles - then it was over. The hall is emptied relatively quickly. Did the crowd come to hear the Beatles? No, they came to see them and honor them.'

(Taken from, and translated, "Mach Schau! Die Beatles in Hamburg" by Rehwagen & Schmidt)


Headlines about the rest of the Blitz-Tournee, covering many cities in Germany - it must have been big news:

The Beatles are here!
Abendzeitung, Munich, June 24, 1966

Yeah, yeah, yeah - Teens out of control
The Beatles in Munich!
Abendzeitung, Munich, June 23, 1966

Beatles signed autographs out of driving car
Abendzeitung, Munich, June 24, 1966

Munich's teens cheer for Beatles
Heilbronner Stimme, June 24, 1966

Yeah - yeah - yeah in Munich
Esslinger Zeitung, June 24, 1966

The big Beatles circus in the Krone Bau
Süddeutsche Zeitung, Munich, June 25/26, 1966

Four screaming singer boys move fans to tears
Main-Echo, Aschaffenburg, June 25, 1966

Roses landed onstage
Mittag, Düsseldorf, June 25, 1966

Audience with the kings of Beat
Abendzeitung, Munich, June 25/26, 1966

Krone Bau remained standing
Abendpost, Frankfurt, June 26, 1966

At the end it was "no, no"
Westfälische Rundschau, Dortmund, June 27, 1966

"Paul, you're so far away", she cried
Mainzer Allgemeine Zeitung, June 27, 1966

Grugahalle close to collapse
Westfälische Zeitung und Gütersloher Zeitung, June 27, 1966

Beatle fans faint
Frankenpost, Hof, June 27, 1966

Essen moved with the Beatles
Die Glocke, Oelde, June 27, 1966

Beatle fans block trainstation Mannheim - Girls faint - Loud applause: The Grugahalle shook
Abendpost, Frankfurt, June 27, 1966

A wink from the BEATLES and the crowd went wild
Kölnische Rundschau, June 27, 1966

Hamburg headlines (articles will be translated and posted at a later date):

German tour of the Beatles
Blick, Zurich, June 21, 1966

White-blue trainstation for the Beatles
Hamburger Abendblatt, June 24, 1966
[This is in reference to the band's departure from Munich... the colors of the Bavarian flag are white & blue.]

Teens go wild in Beatle fever!
Hamburger Morgenpost, June 27, 1966

One got her chance
Hamburger Abendblatt, June 27, 1966

The "mop tops" are relaxed
Badische Zeitung, Freiburg, June 27, 1966

Happy! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! from 150 mouths
Hamburger Morgenpost, June 27, 1966

Alarm at the hotel: Where is Beatle George?
BILD, June 28, 1966

The Beatles behaved in an orderly fashion
Deutsche Hotel-Nachrichten [German Hotel News], July 2, 1966

German article about Juergen Vollmer today

German interview with Astrid Kirchherr