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That Magic Feeling

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Fact and Fiction

There are many stories about the Beatles in Hamburg, or of events connected with their Hamburg stays; some of these are true, others are mere myths. Time, of course, does not lessen the amount of myths that surface.
This page will list facts and/or fictional anecdotes, which have been found in books.
More to come!
* Beatles living locations while they were in Hamburg:
While they played at the Indra and the Kaiserkeller, they lived in the Bambi Kino.
When they played at the Star Club in April and May 1962, they apparently lived in two rooms in the house belonging to the barkeeper of Gretel & Alfons (frequented by the Beatles).
During the November 1962 Star Club appearances, they lived at the Hotel Germania.
During the final, December 1962, Star Club performances, the Beatles stayed at the Hotel Pacific.

* Apparently, Bruno Koschmider had wanted the Beatles to go on a concert tour of Berlin, which would have started on January 7, 1961. However, a contract for this was never signed, and hence, it never happened.

* The first time the Beatles came to Hamburg, they apparently had their group name painted onto the bass drum by 'the Rubens from St. Pauli', who was also the one responsible for the Manhattan skyline decoration on the Star Club wall behind the stage.
* When The Beatles arrived by train in Hamburg in 1966 (during their Blitztournee), the train intentionally did not arrive at the main/central station (Hauptbahnhof), but at the Ahrensburg Bahnhof, in the provincial outskirts - to avoid out of control fan mobs.
* Likewise, during their 1966 stay, they were lodged at the Schlosshotel Tremsbüttel, outside of Hamburg, for safety reasons.
* The famous haircuts and the question: did Astrid Kirchherr invent them? Here is her view:
"I didn't invent it. At the time, all of us in the Hamburger artist
circles, were influenced by the French existentialism. We wore black,
thick scarves, our hair combined onto our foreheads - and I had no
braids. The boys thought that was really wonderful. Stuart, whom I had
fallen in love with immediately, was the first to let his haircut be
changed by me, in my parents' kitchen in Altona. Later, George
followed suit. John and Paul got the Beatle haircut sortly afterwards
in aris, from my friend Jürgen Vollmer, a photographer."
(From Hörzu, a German magazine).

* The scarves worn by The Beatles on the "Beatles For Sale" cover were knitted for them by Astrid Kirchherr.

* The Chinese restaurant the band frequented back in the day, which Paul and Klaus Voormann remember as being named Chug Ou (located at Schmuckstrasse 9) was probably actually named Chum Yuen Poo. The author of "Beatles Guide Hamburg" and "Beatles in Hamburg", Ulf Krüger, undertook in-depth research for Chug Ou, but found no restaurant with that name.

* Where did those collarless suit jackets come from? When The Beatles were playing at the Top Ten, Astrid made Stu one of these... and initally, John made fun of it. However, come 1963, guess what was part of the Beatles' stage outfits?

* Why did The Beatles not tour in Germany prior to 1966? Well, there was legal action underway against them, for allegedly - during one of their Star Club stays - peeing from the pulpit of St. Joseph's Church (located at Grosse Freiheit, between no. 41 & 43). Obviously, as author Ulf Krüger points out, this would have been unthinkable as news regarding the "squeaky clean Fab Four" once they had become famous. It was not until 1965, when the case was suspended due to the work of Manfred Weissleder, that the barriers for a German tour were lifted.

* Disappearance of a Beatle? This was newspaper-worthy back in June 1966, when George was sighted disappearing from the hotel with a then-unidentified blonde woman. Who was it? Astrid! So much for the newspapers' attempts at some sort of sensational news story.

* Disappearance of a second Beatle? According to a newspaper ("Hallo", Düsseldorf), Ringo, too, disappeared during their '66 Hamburg stay... to visit an automotuve museum!

* That photo of John out on the street in underwear was apparently taken on a dare, according to the German book Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand.