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That Magic Feeling

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What on earth is this about?
Well, it's another silly page (no surprise there), which originated when I saw a photo of the bass drum with the "B" cut off, spelling out The Eatles and then stumbled across plenty of photos of the band... well, eating.
And now... meet The Eatles!
eatles.jpg picture by anothergirl83
xxeatles-gif03.gif image by tmf83photosxxeatles040.gif image by tmf83photos       xxeatles-gif02.gif image by tmf83photos
And there it is again... that sweater vest.
Judging from the look on George's face, they weren't too thrilled at the concept of being photographed while dining (and who can blame them!).
For someone as skinny as George, there are certainly a lot of photos of him eating. ;)
Even caught on film in "A Hard Day's Night".
Well, we all know what they say: An apple a day...
A French-style photo op.
John strengthens himself before facing mobs of Beatlemaniacs...
Ringo, too, follows the age-old "an apple a day..." advice. does George.
...and they all munch apples.
Pretending to be an Eatle?!
After The Eatles?
munching.jpg picture by anothergirl83
eatles001-1.jpg picture by anothergirl83
Three dressing room Eatles in 1963.
More eat-ling!
fab34.jpg picture by anothergirl83
Yet more dressing room Eatles...
wellthen.jpg picture by anothergirl83
morescans06.jpg picture by anothergirl83
scan007.jpg picture by anothergirl83
eatlespopcorn.jpg picture by anothergirl83
eatlescontinued.jpg picture by anothergirl83
Anyone for cake?
__eatlesagain2.jpg picture by tmf83photos
The breakfast Eatles.
__eatlesagain.png picture by tmf83photos
What's probably an English essential: fish and chips.
rarefabs029.jpg picture by tmf83photos
Enjoying some ice cream.
_eatles-again1.jpg picture by tmf83photos
Yet more Eatles.
_eatlesg01.jpg picture by tmf83photos
Germany, June 1966.
_1eatlesgh-01.jpg Eatle George picture by tmf83photos
George, again. ;)
_0eatlesgr.jpg Eating picture by tmf83photos
Two Eatles.
_0eatlegeorge02.jpg Ice cream picture by tmf83photos
George enjoys some ice cream.
_0eatlegeorge03.jpg Eating yet again picture by tmf83photos
George munching... yet again.
_0eatlegeorge.jpg Eating... again. picture by tmf83photos
...and again.
Studio munching
Studio munching.
More strawberry munching in Germany, June 1966, though it's Paul this time.
* * *
Second helping on the way soon!

"I Feel Fine" promo video, featuring The Beatles and fish and chips

Photoalbum: The Eatles

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