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That Magic Feeling

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General Info

Online since: 1 July 2002

Since I've been a massive Beatlemaniac since the mid-1990s, the idea came: After thinking about it for a while, I finally felt I should try to make a fansite for the best band ever. 
Also, please do bear in mind that a large amount of this site is meant to be viewed with tongue firmly in cheek! It's not all meant to be serious, although, of course, I do hope you'll find some informative bits here and there which aren't overdone on each and every fansite out there.
I hope that some people out there enjoy this site despite all this. :)

That Magic Feeling?

That Magic Feeling gets is name from, as you may have guessed, 
from a Beatles song (imagine that), "You Never Give Me Your Money." For some reason, when I was thinking of a site title, these were the first words that came to mind. "That magic feeling" is, to me, something that the Beatles had when they were performing and recording together, and it's also the feeling that comes across to fans. The Beatles were magical in many ways, which is how this site got its name.


* Is this an official site?
No. Not at all (it'd be a pretty shabby design for that ;)), it's merely a fan site

* Do you make any money from it?
No. It is entirely non-profit, I just made/make it because I love the Beatles. :)

* Are you associated with the Beatles?
No. I wish I was, but sadly, no, I'm not. The closest I've gotten was being in the same concert venue as Ringo and Paul.

* Where do all the photos on the site come from?
Well, a lot of them have been scanned in from books and magazines, which I have made every attempt to cite in the
"Credits" section, as well as in the "Bibliography" section of 'The Beatles in Hamburg'. Other photos are the products of Google searches. All photos are copyright their respective owners. 

* Who the heck are you?

Hello! I'm Andrea, and I'm originally from the USA, currently residing in Europe. Back in March of 1995, four Liverpudlian rock 'n' rollers, most of all George, stole my heart. Ever since, I've been avidly collecting interviews, books, magazines, and photographs. Eventually, these scrapbooks made their way online, here, as a Beatles fan site; and on Tumblr, and on Instagram as a George tribute.