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That Magic Feeling
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The Obsessions and Hot List

Yes, I am one of those crazy females who obsess over things and drool over men. If you want some specifics (though I really can't imagine why), you've come to the right place.
The major and current obsessions will be in bold.
Actually, I would call it dedicated loyalty, but... ;)
The Younger Me
-- The aspiration of mine at one time to be a marine biologist all stemmed from my interest in dolphins, which I had for several years when I was a child.
-- Like so many girls, I was also interested in horses as a child.
-- Ah, books. I have always loved reading, and have always been an avid reader. In fact, one summer, I read thirty books during the summer vacation.
The Pre-Teen, Teen and Current Me
-- "Little Women", the book and the movie. This movie is what made me want to be an actress. It is such a great story and I really adored that book back when I was ten/eleven years old.
-- Then, the big moment of discovering The Beatles came. Thank God I did. I love everything about them; their music, personalities, movies... I couldn't imagine not loving the best band ever.
-- "A Hard Day's Night" & "Help!": I really have no idea just how often I have seen these two movies, but I do know that I can never get enough of them.
-- "Titanic": Okay, I admit, I may have seen this movie too often in the movie theater (ten times, actually), but at the time, I was fourteen years old and loved that film. It was so epic and heart-breaking to me, and I, in fact, still love the film, but can go ages without seeing it.
-- "Shakespeare In Love": Another movie I adored. I love historical films anyway, so this was perfect.
-- "Concert for George": Frankly, this is the most brilliant and best concert film out there, to me at least.
-- "Cold Mountain": Yet another adored movie. And a very impressive one at that.
-- English humor: This was all sparked by The Beatles, and led to me reading British books (especially "Bridget Jones's Diary" and "The Edge of Reason", as well as Marian Keyes books), and watching British TV shows and movies. I just love it.
-- History: From historical fiction, to historical movies, over historical costumes, I find it all extremely fascinating. My favorites would be English history, the U.S. Civil War times, German history and various historical figures of the late 19th and the 20th century.
-- Fashion: Although I by no means like particular fashion labels, I do love stylish, comfortable clothing, as well as accessories.
Simply, guys I have had, or still have, crushes on... or simply respect to no end... in chronological order. ;)
-- Christian Bale: This British actor was the first guy I ever had a crush on (what an honor ;P); I saw him in the movie "Little Women" and was a bit smitten. Fantastic actor, too.
-- George Harrison: And the second guy was George. Ever since I first saw him in "A Hard Day's Night", I just really liked him. The more I read about him and heard from him, the more I grew to love and respect him. Not to mention that he's English, with a wonderful sense of humor, and one of the most brilliant musicians and composers ever.
-- Paul McCartney: Doesn't every female Beatles fan go through at least one Paul phase? ;) Paul's such a loveable guy, how could you not? As if being an astounding musician and composer weren't enough, that is.
-- Leonardo DiCaprio: A fourteen year old me saw "Titanic" for the first time and was very taken. This would probably be the main reason I went to see the film as often as I did. ;) But, he too is a brilliant actor I always enjoy seeing.
-- Jude Law: I first saw him in "The Talented Mr. Ripley", where he was really impressive and of course, more recently, in "Cold Mountain", one of my favorite movies. He's English, he's gorgeous and he's a really brilliant actor I always like to see.
-- Joseph Fiennes: He really stood out in "Shakespeare In Love" and he's also a brilliant actor I enjoy seeing, too.
-- Kai Fischer: Yes, the guitarist of a German band called Echt was a guy I quite liked when I was fifteen/sixteen years old. Somehow, I seem to also have a tendency to like guitarists....
-- Dhani Harrison: Seems to be difficult to resist the Harrison men as a female Beatlemaniac. ;) But, then again, he seems like such a great person, it's difficult to dislike him.
& What is it about fictional characters portrayed by great actors, or: favorite fictional characters:
-- Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio, "Titanic"): The free-spirited third-class passanger... how could you not choose him over egocentric, stuffy Cal? ;) What a great character!
-- W.P. Inman (Jude Law, "Cold Mountain"): Heroic man of few words... just wonderful. I'd wait years for him, too. ;)

-- Theodore "Teddy"/"Laurie" Laurence (Christian Bale, "Little Women"): It needed an actor like this to give life to this book character for the movie. Wonderfully done, who wouldn't want a guy like this? ;)
-- Paolo (Benjamin Sadler, "Italiener und andere Süßigkeiten"): And Italian business mogul mistaken for an icecream salesman, and a sweet person at that, mixed with great humor and a number of misunderstandings... great character.
-- David, the Prime Minister (Hugh Grant, "Love Actually"): Hugh Grant should be Enfland's PM, because this portrayal convinced me (and made me laugh). ;)