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That Magic Feeling
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Past Pictures

For those who are interested in this sort of thing: Here, you can see the pictures I've used (or am using) for the Index page. Not the most exciting thing in the world, but it's a way for me to keep track of them, and, well, pictures are always worth a look ;)

That Magic Feeling - July 2002

This was the first picture up on the front page, in July 2002... It may be in use again next year :)

That Magic Feeling: August - September '02

This was up from August through September 2002 ... I like this picture a lot, so this will probably not be the only time it's in use.

That Magic Feeling: Anniversary Layout Oct. '02

This is the "Love Me Do" 40th Anniversary layout picture, that was up in October 2002...

November 2002: in memory of George

The November 2002 layout picture is a tribute to George. Something like this will definetely be up every November.

Dec. 2002: Happy Holidays!

This was the December 2002 picture, for the holiday season.

Jan. 2003

This was the picture that was up in January 2003, celebrating the New Year...

Feb. 2003: Valentine's Time

This was the very adorable February/Valentine's Day picture :)

March 2003

This "Help!"-themed picture ("Must be their teabreak") was up in March 2003.

Spring [Here Comes the Sun]

The early April picture, for the arrival of spring :) Hence the name "Here Comes the Sun".

March 2003 will be "Help!" themed :)