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That Magic Feeling
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"Say no more"

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April 21, 2003

*Site updates*
New page - this one :) Added a few more links and I'm also keeper of George's humor (see Cliques & Things 1) :)
April 18, 2003

*Site updates*
New index picture, featuring the Beatles during the filming of "Help!".
New page - "It's Only Love".
"In My Life" has changed names to "A Love At First Sight".
Joined some more cliques & things (see Cliques & Things 1).

*What's going on?*
Well, I'm currently VERY busy studying for my final exams, which begin on May 2... On May 24, it's graduation time :-) Looking forward to that!
I'm just really busy right now studying like there's no tomorrow, so my life's very dull.

*Past updates*
Nothing special lately, because of lack of time.

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