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That Magic Feeling
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Favorite Movie Reviews

Well, I'll start out with (surprise, surprise) Beatles movies.

This was the movie that first introduced the Beatles to me in 1995 and I love it. Shot in black and white, and named (one of) the best rock and roll movies ever, it's a semi-documentary of 48 hours in the live of the Beatles in 1964. Complete with hilarious humor, sight gags, brilliant music and hordes of screaming, hysterical fans, this movie is a 90-minute packet of joy and exuberance. Must-see!

Noted by many to be their least favorite Beatles movie, it was the first Beatles video I ever owned and I love it, too. On a bigger budget than it's predecessor (A HARD DAY'S NIGHT), it's in color and features locations such as the Bahamas, the Austrian Alps and London. One of Ringo's rings - a present from a fan - turns out the be the sacrificial ring of a mad Eastern cult, who chase the Beatles around the world. As if they needed it, a mad scientist and his assistant hope to get the ring as well, since they feel it could make them "rule the world". Funny, with great music and many quotable lines, it's very Sixties and also a must-see!

Reminiscent of A HARD DAY'S NIGHT, it's the real deal: this is an actual documentary of the Beatles' first visit to the American shores in February 1964. From the moment they landed at JFK Airport, America went nuts for the Fab Four and this documentary shows the hysteria, the Beatles backstage and in private and is a necessary movie for anyone who is interested in the Beatles.

Essential. Their story in their words. Filled with hours of rare footage, fabulous music and intriguing (and often times, hilarious) interviews, it's the Beatles' story from birth to their break-up. Probably the best documentary ever, but I may be a bit biased here. ;)

Moving on to non-Beatles movies

I saw something on TV about this new movie and hence went to see it - and the minute it started, I fell in love with it (well, if you can fall in love with a movie, that is). It made me laugh, it made me cry and it got me interested in the actual ship. I went to see it 8 (yes, eight) times in the movie theater and I loved it more every time I saw it. It's the perfect movie, to me, at least. Brilliant.

The "same old" story but with a twist - and done excellently!

Uh-oh, a trend. ;) I really enjoyed this movie (wonder if it had anything to do with the fact that it takes place in the Sixties? ;)) and it's another must-see.