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That Magic Feeling
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*Southern California, Michigan and Germany are the places I've lived in so far.
*In my life I've moved 10 times (so far)...

*...and I've been to 8 schools.

*I love handbags, fashion, jewelry and all those sorts of things.

*I used to love art, until my last two years of high school, when the teacher ended all that for me.

*When I was younger, I went through the following career ambitions: marine biologist, interior designer, actress, fashion designer, author, translator, journalist, historian.

*My hair used to be curly when I was little, which earned me the nickname Curly from my dad...

*...Now, it's wavy.
*The language I took in high school was Spanish.
*I've always wanted to play the piano.

*The first time I flew on a plane (from Michigan to Germany, if anyone's curious) was at the age of nine months.
*If you haven't figured it out yet, I love the Beatles.

*I'm fascinated by history.

*I'm forever saying things like, "Such-and-such is driving me bonkers", "Oh my God", "thingy" or "reiterate".
*I'm probably crazy - but proud of it. ;)
*One of my favorite places in the world is Hamburg, Germany.

*I love English accents.

*Number of concerts I've been to so far: seven.

*In middle school, I was known as the resident Anglophile (although my knowledge of the UK isn't that great, since it mostly centers around the Beatles).

*English humor cracks me up.

*I love reading books.

*My all-time favorite movies: A Hard Day's Night, Help!, The Beatles First U.S. Visit, The Beatles Anthology, Concert for George, Titanic, Catch Me If You Can.

*I'm sort of addicted to
coffee drinks.
*I love Border's Books & Music.

*Star sign: Cancer.

*The soundtrack to my life is provided by: The Beatles.