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That Magic Feeling
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Beatle Favorites

Started liking the Beatles at: 11 years of age

Favorite Beatle:
John, Paul, George & Ringo because they're only the Beatles when it's all four of them! (I do have a special soft spot for George, though).

Favorite albums: Every single one of them... if pressed for just one, I'd say... "Revolver".

Favorite solo albums: Brainwashed, Cloud Nine, All Things Must Pass, Flaming Pie.

Favorite songs: All of them!

Favorite movies: A Hard Day's Night; Help!; The Beatles First U.S. Visit; The Beatles Anthology

Songwriter: Lennon/McCartney, Harrison!
Favorite solo Beatle: George... Paul, John, Ringo

Favorite solo songs...
George: all of the Brainwashed album, Devil's Radio, This Is Love, My Sweet Lord, I'd Have You Anytime, What Is Life, Isn't It A Pity, Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth), Blow Away, Faster, See Yourself, This Song, All Those Years Ago... (and more that I've probably forgotten)
Paul: Beautiful Night, Maybe I'm Amazed, Band On the Run, Wanderlust, Take It Away, The World Tonight, Every Night, Calico Skies, The Lovers That Never Were, Hope Of Deliverance
John: (Just Like) Starting Over, Imagine, Woman, I'm Losing You, Grow Old With Me
Ringo: Never Without You, I Think Therefore I Rock 'n Roll, The No No Song, It Don't Come Easy, Photograph, La De Da
The Traveling Wilburys: All of them!