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That Magic Feeling
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Current Date: 09/14/2003
Current Mood: Melancholy
Current Music: Volume 1|Traveling Wilburys
Current Taste: Nothing
Current Hair: Damp from showering, a bit messy
Current Outfit: Jeans, top
Current Annoyance: Finding a college/university
Current Wish: To have no worries
Current Desktop Picture: Rubber Soul Beatles
Current Favorite Group: The Beatles, of course
Current Book: Watermelon|Marian Keyes
Current CD in Stereo: Volume 1|Traveling Wilburys
Current Video in VCR or DVD: Romeo + Juliet
Current Refreshment: Nothing
Current Worry: College/university
Current Malicious Intent: Nothing
Current Crush: None
Current Favorite Celebrity: Leo DiCaprio